Who will fill Felipe’s shoes?

Felipe Massa’s condition is improving, and the Hungarian doctors are talking very positively about him making a full recovery – they’ve also played down talk of him having damaged the sight in his left eye.

Yet even as soon as Sunday morning, speculation had already begun as to who would replace Massa in the other Ferrari for at least the Euro GP in Valencia next month.

It seems a little cold-hearted to have been talking about it so soon after Massa’s horrible accident during qualifying at the Hungarian GP, but such is the F1 world that the racing will continue, no matter what.

Former World Champion Niki Lauda, who himself raced for Ferrari from 1974-1977, has suggested that the Scuderia’s only real option is to bring in some bloke called Michael Schumacher.

“There is nobody available near Michael’s performance,” he said.

Except perhaps Fernando Alonso.

It’s been speculated, by someone in our office, that as Alonso won’t be able to drive a Renault in Valencia – due to the team’s ban over not fitting the Spaniard’s wheel properly, and it’s subsequent flailing exit from the car – that he could occupy the Ferrari seat for one race only.

Off the back of rife gossip that Alonso will be joining the Italian squad next year, this might not be such a far-fetched idea.

What do you think?

We’re quite excited at either prospect, but would Schumacher even be available, or willing, to climb back in an F1 car?

Lauda added: “This is a question nobody can answer because nobody knows what Schumacher is doing.”

We hear that he’s shooting a head-to-head Vauxhall estate test, dressed in white, for some UK car-based telly show…

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