Bye Motorsport World

BMW has this morning announced that it will quit Formula One at the end of the 2009 season.

At a press conference with all of Beemer’s top bods, they made some noises about ‘a resolute step in our company’s realignment’ and ‘continually reviewing projects for future viability and sustainability’.

I’m sure all of that reasoning would be ignored had BMW not built a total dog of a car this season.

BMW were fighting at the front for most of last year, with Robert Kubica even in the hunt for the World Drivers’ Championship.

But despite strong protests from the Pole, the team decided to stop developing its ’08 car with several races still to go, and instead focus on this year’s.

It seems that BMW would have done well to listen to its driver, and carried on last year’s challenge.

So to 2010. What will happen to Kubica and Nick Heidfeld?

With three new teams on the grid next season – Campos, USF1 and Manor – either BMW driver would be a great asset.

But I’ll go out on a limb and speculate that if/when Fernando Alonso goes to Ferrari, Kubica would be a shoe-in to replace him at Renault…

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