Schuey: out of practice?

SchumacherRed Bull and Toro Rosso have joined Williams’ bid to block Michael Schumacher from testing Ferrari’s 2009 car ahead of his F1 return in Valencia. You didn’t think all that good will towards Schumi would last long, did you?

In-season testing is prohibited under current FIA rules, but Ferrari wrote last week to the nine other F1 teams asking for Big Schu to be granted a day’s testing to get to grips with his new car.

Five teams – McLaren, Renault, Toyota, BMW and Brawn – agreed to waive the ban on testing, but Williams, Red Bull and Toro Rosso have stood strong.

“While we welcome Michael Schumacher back to F1, the fact is any form of in-season circuit testing is strictly prohibited,” reads a Williams statement, referencing the recent arrival of Jaime Alguersuari, Toro Rosso’s replacement for Sebastien Bourdais, into F1.

“Alguersuari, who drove an F1 car for the first time in Hungary, did not have the opportunity to familiarise himself with the Toro Rosso before he made his race debut,” continues the statement. “Williams sees no distinction between Alguersuari’s situation and Schumacher’s and feels any deviation from the rule would create a precedent for the future.”

Williams argue Ferrari could have chosen either of their current test drivers – Luca Badoer or Marc Gene – over Schumacher. Both men have driven Ferrari’s 2009 car.

What do you reckon, Sunday Afternooners? Should Ferrari have to play by the rules, or is Schumi a special case?

And do you think McLaren and the other four ‘no problem’ teams would be quite so friendly if Ferrari were in the mix for the constructors championship this year?

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I agree with those that oppose Schumi from having a day’s testing. This will no doubt be used by Ferrari to develop their car, using their best ever driver, over the equivalent of 2 GP distances.

I can only assume those that supported the proposal did so to try and bank a relaxation of their own fior the future. I mean, how hard is it to create a driver swap situation if it helps improve the car?

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Talking about cost-reduction.

Why do F1 teams still employ test-drivers, if they aren’t allowed to test ??

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yes they shud play by the rules

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Practise is something everyone needs, so let the man practise I say!

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Than again they all should be allowed testing. The testing ban is as stupid as forbidding a footballteam to train. Now the richest teams with the biggest simulators are making steps forward while it should be done on track. And it was big fun for the spectators to watch testing at Barca or Monza or Fiorano. Damn this Fia.

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Oh for gods sake red bull stop whining and yet the man drive okay.

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They chose not to use the two drivers who do have expirence, knowing the rules…

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Why does everyone always go on about the F.I.A. giving Ferrari all they want? If that’s the case; how was Hamilton ever champion?

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