For Sale: Jenson’s Veyron

JBVeyronAutotrader regularly spits out a few gems, but they’re not often quite as, er, gemmy as this: Jenson Button’s Bugatti Veyron.

Yep, it’s for sale. You’d think the current F1 World Championship leader would be able to find space house this beauty, but it appears not.

Maybe Brawn GP engine providers Mercedes have got the hump ’cos he’s only supposed drive their cars. Either that, or he has too many other cars in his shed to drive – rumoured to include a Merc CLK DTM AMG, Ferrari Enzo, Audi RS6 Avant, BMW M5 and Merc C63 AMG.

And a Smart, a 1970s Honda and two VW campervans, which might explain the lowly 1500 miles he’s covered in the Veyron since buying it last year.

List price for this is an easily manageable 5 pounds under an eye-watering £900k, which should help now that the race win bonuses have dropped off a bit…

(Too harsh?)

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