Renault race fix?

The strangest story to come out of F1 after the Belgian GP is that the FIA is investigating Renault for an alleged race-fix, involving Nelson Piquet Jnr at last year’s Singapore night race.

The claims from an unnamed source have suggested that Piquet may have deliberately been asked to crash in Singapore to help teammate Fernando Alonso to victory.

You’ll remember at the time we talked about how lucky Alonso was that Nelson crashed, setting off a chain of events that put the double-world champion onto the right strategy for the win.

We even joked that Alonso owed Piquet a beer or two for the help, but it appears that it might all be a bit more serious than that.

So much so that Bernard Ecclestone is speculating Renault could leave the sport due to being tied up with the allegations.

What do you think?

We’re not sure the driver in question was good enough to even crash to order, but it does sound – Racegate? Piquetgate? Fixing-the-race-so-your-teammate-can-win-gate? – rather a strange bit of controversy.

Like F1 needs anymore of that…

Anyway, check the video on and see what you reckon.

UPDATE: F1-Live is running a story with quotes from The Independent, claiming that the FIA are investigating Renault over, “other issues above and beyond Singapore.” And that senior members of the team – including boss Flavio Briatore, Fernando Alonso and Pat Symonds – were all interviewed over the Belgian GP weekend.

How deep does this rabbit hole go?

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