Renault race fix?

The strangest story to come out of F1 after the Belgian GP is that the FIA is investigating Renault for an alleged race-fix, involving Nelson Piquet Jnr at last year’s Singapore night race.

The claims from an unnamed source have suggested that Piquet may have deliberately been asked to crash in Singapore to help teammate Fernando Alonso to victory.

You’ll remember at the time we talked about how lucky Alonso was that Nelson crashed, setting off a chain of events that put the double-world champion onto the right strategy for the win.

We even joked that Alonso owed Piquet a beer or two for the help, but it appears that it might all be a bit more serious than that.

So much so that Bernard Ecclestone is speculating Renault could leave the sport due to being tied up with the allegations.

What do you think?

We’re not sure the driver in question was good enough to even crash to order, but it does sound – Racegate? Piquetgate? Fixing-the-race-so-your-teammate-can-win-gate? – rather a strange bit of controversy.

Like F1 needs anymore of that…

Anyway, check the video on and see what you reckon.

UPDATE: F1-Live is running a story with quotes from The Independent, claiming that the FIA are investigating Renault over, “other issues above and beyond Singapore.” And that senior members of the team – including boss Flavio Briatore, Fernando Alonso and Pat Symonds – were all interviewed over the Belgian GP weekend.

How deep does this rabbit hole go?

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Don’t forget Renault needed a racewin at that time badly as it was in the contract with ING to keep sponsorship for 2009.

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Absolute load of nonsense. one would then have to believe that ferrari cocked up felipe massas pit stop to show alonso that they wanted him to win.
piquet is a good driver to get an f1 seat. he is not the best f1 driver around, and lets face it renault have had a dog of a car for the last 2 years, so obviously alonso did better.

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@ 40 – i still think last years cars were soooo much nicer!! all low and sleek, not snow plows!

and i think piquet didn’t crash intentionally although i wouldn’t be all that surprised if he did

why did renault give him another year?? we were all suprised when they did, especially when they were obviously not happy with eachother.

I Really doesnt matter anyway, whats done is done, that was last season. but let there be no mistake, Nelson is a complete IDOT, even if hes a good driver his just so stupid.
think about it
if some one tells you to rob a bank and you get caught you cant say ‘he told me too’!!!!
hes just shot himself in the foot BIG TIME. WELL DONE NELSON

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@ 55

Are you Bernie Ecclestone? He’s already used the bank analogy.

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Renault have been summoned to appear before the WMSC in an ‘extraordinary hearing’ about the crash :D

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If they’re found guilty, they’ll more than likely pay a fine (the race win I’m sure helped them in the constructors standings, and thus got more money for a higher finish) and be kicked out of this years championship.

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whats the big deal its not championship changing!renault still did rubish! anyway renault shouldnt be chucked out of F1.

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oh yeah at 58 piquet’s a good driver just not as good as the others

Also the stand in guy for Massa is rubbish!

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Well, FIA has outdone himself, this is real BS! Maybe Flavio himself fixed then Massa’s fuel hose also?!

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For anyone who didnt know:

”The FIA first started investigating the matter after the initial claim of fixing was made by a Brazilian TV station during the Belgian GP in August.”

hmmm, who is brazillian that would be able to tell them about this. oh yeah, PIQUET!

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the quote was from btw

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oh puh-leease, /sarcasm on: Every crash,even slightest touching, should be investigated, of course every race is fixed and staged properly in F1.And of course, the FIA has to wait 10 months, before they start to investigate the incidents./sarcasm Off.
What are Max Moose-lay and Bernie Eccledonkey thinking?
Why have they never investigated the Shoey-Crash,in the Quali of Monte Carlo? THAT seemed staged. but a deliberate crash during a race? come on, get real.

It’s like saying someone deliberately sabotaged the Minardis all this years,and then Minardi sabotaged all other cars, so they had an accident, like in montreal,just so they could score some points, LOL
FIA seems to be the short form for: “Faulty Improbable Accusations” or “F§$king Idiotic Analysts” It’s really about time, they get new bosses.

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Piquet can not be soo STUPID and NIEVE to crash it. Not only would it put his life at risk, it would also risk the safety of the other drivers, marshals and the spectators.
Even IF renault deliberately orderd Piquet to take such action absolutely no way would any driver risk soo much.

If he is guilty he should face humiliation and a lifetime ban in motorsport.If that is the case Flavio should also be humiliated and troughn out of the FOTA for good.

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Im sorry but how much rubbish has been said on this .

The radio in monitered and recorded by the FIA so how did they tell him to crash is there a code word. Did Fav say ” Nelson the ducks fly backwards” NP sits there reads a code book and sees argh I crash on the next lap This is so so stupid. Or did on an open frequancey did some one say NP if you crash Alonso takes the lead. Hmmmm I dont think so does any one realy think so.

You have to ask why is NP doing this who is going to benifit. If Renault are guilty and that is the bigest IF you will ever see then they will be punished But what of the driver some one may have asked on a radio to crash but what sort of man carries it out and RISK the lives of Mashalls Drivers Public and F1 staff what if they killed some one.This Driver should be doing time and would be rightly unemployable in any formula.

This is madness I cant wait for it to be over I wish NP jnr would give over with the anti Renault try lemans the USA then try F1. His dad was a great driver and soon all we will know the Piquet name for this stupidity no one realy wants that who saw his dad race

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