Button: will he do it?

Jenson Button: can he do it?I wrote a story about Brawn GP a couple of weeks ago for the magazine, which you can read about this week when you buy it, which you should – it’s a good issue, though I would say that, wouldn’t I?

But publication deadlines meant the article had to be finished before the Belgian Grand Prix at Spa. That meant I didn’t have the knowledge I do now – that Button was taken out by Renault driver Roman Grosjean at Spa on the first lap and that meant his first non points-scoring race of the season. And his first non-finish, by definition.

It’s an amazing statistic in itself for a team that was almost dismantled in the final months of last year – and that’s the crux of the magazine story. That Honda F1 became Brawn GP, and it’s a British team, with a British-designed car and a British driver leading the F1 World Championship.

Seems to us that not enough people are shouting about the incredible efforts Brawn have made this year. Design work was suspended on last year’s F1 car to facilitate deeper research into the 2009 car, so it would have been a desperate shame if the funding hadn’t been found to race it. Ross Brawn himself knew it would be a quick car, but when it went out and won six of the first seven races, even he must have been slightly surprised.

Still, hope you enjoy the article – and the big question is, given the disaster at Spa, do you think Brawn and Button can hang on and fight off Red Bull for both championships? I think they will… But only just. And I’m usually right about such things. Button’s 16 point lead over Vettel should be enough. What do you think?

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