Alonso to Ferrari?

Will we find out at the Italian GP this weekend that Fernando Alonso is off to race for Ferrari next year? It would seem like the right place to do it. And we’ve already had a not-so-secret indication that he is…

Santander first moved to sponsor McLaren when Alonso drove for them. Because Alonso is a Spaniard, and Santander are a Spanish bank, the deal made sense.

Today Ferrari have announced that Santander are now going to be the Scuderia’s title sponsor from 2010 onwards, taking over from Marlboro.

Ferrari are happy, and Santander are happy too. But why? Could this new partnership be about to announce that yes, as we all suspected, Fernando is going to drive for Ferrari next year?

It would make sense.

What doesn’t make sense is all the crazy stuff coming to light around Renault’s Race-fix-gate scandal, thanks to Autosport digging around.

Alonso has denied any knowledge of the race-fix plan, and has said that whatever happens, it won’t affect his plans for next year.

Hmmmmm, how can he be so sure? Unless he knows he won’t be at Renault next year, maybe?

Anyway, the basic details are these: that Nelson Piquet Jnr and Snr gave information to the FIA saying that Renault asked Jnr to crash early on during the Singapore night race, to facilitate a win for teammate Fernando Alonso.

It’s alleged that the corner Nelson crashed on was chosen because there were no cranes there, so a Safety Car was pretty much guaranteed.

Renault bosses Flavio Briatore and Pat Symonds say that this scenario was discussed in a meeting before the race, but they dismissed it. And that it was actually Piquet’s idea…

Autosport is also saying that team members questioned Symond’s decision during the race to pitstop Alonso early, when he had enough fuel to go further into the race.

The FIA have apparently heard recordings of pitwall conversations relating to this, in which Symonds tells the team: ‘No, no, it’s going to be alright.’

Now, admittedly this is a lot to take in, but IF these allegations are true, and IF Renault are found guilty, imagine the size of the punishment.

McLaren were fined $100million for being in possession of some bits of paper they shouldn’t have had, and no one’s life was at risk.

What then, should happen to Renault?

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I think that Renault should get a next season ban on F1 racing, and adding any updates to the 2011 car.

Alternatively, they can be forced to quit F1 for good.

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Hamilton did as Pique, faild.

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i dont want alonso to go to ferrari…he is such a tw*t and wouldnt suit a ferrari at all…i can imagine him going to BMW (i know they r leavin), Brawn, stayin in renault or going to force india

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I cant imagine Renault will be asked to leave, a heavy fine is what they’ll get away with, as someone mentioned above Flavio and Bernie are good mates, no doubt Bernie will put in a good word for his buddy if he has to.
Still don’t understand why Nelson done it, whether he was instructed to or off his own accord, foolish. Although if #35 is right, losing ING as sponsor would have been disaster. Surely though the team aren’t that silly to try something like that, my guess is Nelson thought he was doing the team a favour, after hearing it mentioned during their briefing.
Also, if Renault do get asked to leave F1, what does it mean for the company supplying engines to other teams?
As for Alonso, I’d say its pretty much a done deal going to Ferrari, Massa will come back, thus forcing Kimi out. I don’d understand people critising Kimi’s attitude, has everyone forgotten that Mika Hakkinen used to be the same with one word answers and lack of emotion?
If 3 cars do get allowed, don’t forget that Stefano has said he wants Schumacher as third driver, as for Fisi? He’s probably there just until the end of the season.

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Santander just extended their contract with McLaren.

To all the Alonso fans? A hint that he’s going back to McLaren? Just because in respective Ferrari Case you think he does?

I think he will go there, too: although i don’t really want that to happen. Besides, paying kimis 50m paycheck for not wanting him to drive is quite some stake. but we’ll see sooner or later

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cmon alonso come to ferrari and ferrari get schuey
back it will be an unstobble couple

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If Alonso takes a Ferrari next year, as seems is going to happen, daddy-Hamilton will be crying for many many years…

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The whole sport would be much better off without certain hothead drivers with their egos and testosterone output constantly outweighing and overwhelming what precious little sense or driving skills they might have. But well, if TWO such drivers is what Ferrari now want, then good luck to them with two high-maintenance egocentric brats, and congratulations to Kimi for being able to escape the ensuing chaos to a more deserving team.

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When a driver is able to take 110% of his car and is given the best car… What does run a competition for? I think that all drivers should be driving the same car in order to put each pilot in his fair position. Fortunately for the audience, next year we will see a great pilot, hurt in his pride, competing in the same conditions than other ones who have unscrupuluosly been taking advantage during these two years past. Bravo Alonso.

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Согласен с автором . У меня точно такое же мнение :)

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Аднажды в студеную летнюю пору. Бродил Я по нету. Наткнулся на пост. Понравилось очень! Респект выражаю! И даже в закладки себе добавляю!

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