Monza quali

Lewis Hamilton may have made a stunning last minute grab at getting pole position for the Italian GP, but it looks like the two Brawns are best placed to win tomorrow’s race.

Both Rubens Barrichello and Jenson Button – in fifth and sixth respectively – will be one stopping tomorrow, which should line them up nicely for a squabble to the chequered flag.

We won’t know for sure though until the fuel loads are published shortly, as there might be one of two surprises ahead of the Brawns.

Lewis certainly seems the most likely to be running a two-stop race, which means he’ll have to shoot off from the start and make the most of his KERS to crank out a huge lead.

Adrian Sutil got his Force India into second, and were it not for a small mistake in his lap, he’d probably have been ahead of Lewis, with FI’s second pole in two races.

Kimi Raikkonen’s sitting in third, showing some good pace for the Ferrari. If he’s fuelled heavy then he’ll have a great chance in the race tomorrow.

You’ve got to wonder if Giancarlo Fisichella, down in 14th in the sister Ferrari, is wondering if he made the right decision to leave Force India for the Scuderia.

What would you have done?

Check out BBC Sport’s site for full results, and keep an eye on it for the fuel weights in a bit.

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He (hamilton) could see that Jenson was going to lap a car in front, and so decided to push like crazy so that if Jenson did get held up AT ALL, he would be there to pounce.

And anyway, this is how Hamiltom won the world championship last year, on the last lap!!!!

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i dont think that fisi should have stayed at FI cos it was his dream to be at ferrari and we can see that the car is quick enough for the top end of the grid, its his driving to blame for the bad qualifying.

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Io di solito non post nel blog ma il tuo blog mi ha costretto a, fantastico lavoro .. bella ….

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Questo blog è eccezionale. C’è spesso tutte le informazioni del caso a suggestioni delle mie dita. Grazie e mantenere il lavoro superiore!

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