Button back on the podium

Rubens BarrichelloJenson Button scored his first podium in six races at Monza, fighting off a charging Lewis Hamilton to come home second behind teammate Rubens Barrichello.

It was a race won and lost on strategy – Lewis opting for a two-stop and failing to build up enough of a lead over the one-stop Brawns to hold onto his pole position.

In fact Hamilton could only manage a lowly 12th after crashing on the last lap trying to chase down Button, who now leads the championship by 14 points.

Ferrari’s Kimi Raikonnen stepped up to take Lewis’ lost place, ahead of Force India’s Adrian Sutil.

Looking at Sutil’sperformance, Fisichella might have wished just for a moment he hadn’t swapped seats to the Scuideria, managing to steer home to ninth position.

Fifth place went to Alonso, closely followed by McLaren’s Heikki Kovaleinen and the Red Bulls had a disastrous weekend with Webber crashing out and Vettel managing only 8th.

So, questions then. There are 40 points left with four races to go – who’s your money on? Button or Barrichello? You tell us.

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