Renault bosses walk

As if the Renault ‘Crashgate’ saga couldn’t get any more scandalous/intriguing/bonkers, things have taken a huge turn today as the team boss and engineering bloke have ‘parted ways’ with the French outfit.

Head honcho Flavio Briatore and chief engineer Pat Symonds have both left the squad, and Renault say they won’t dispute the allegations when they go up before the World Motor Sport Council (WMSC) next week.

So basically, here’s how it played out:

The Piquets told Max Mosley and the FIA that Nelson Jnr was, er, encouraged to crash during the Singapore night race last year in order to help Fernando Alonso win.

Flav and Pat say that’s rubbish and the Piquets have made it all up.

A pit wall transcript from the night race gets leaked at Monza last weekend.

Renault say they’re taking legal action against the Piquets, accusing the Brazilians of blackmailing the team.

Flav appears to out Jnr, says he can’t believe what the Piquets are saying.

Flav and Pat leave Renault…

So it looks like Renault will pin all the blame on Flav and Pat at the WMSC hearing, and hope to not get too harshly punished.

But, as I asked the other day, if McLaren got fined £100 million for reading some Ferrari stuff they shouldn’t have, what’s going to happen to Renault?

It’s all quite a mess. And if Alonso gets his Singapore win taken off him – which surely he must if the team is found guilty – then Williams’ Nico Rosberg will have won his first ever F1 GP.

Twelve months after it happened.

If nothing else comes out of this, you’ve got to now think that Jnr has some big cojones to deliberately stick an F1 car into a wall. Especially if he didn’t lift off the gas. Imagine how he must have felt, just before the impact?

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This is just the most ridiculous scam of all times.

Briatore shall be banned from any involvement in motorsports for the future with a massive fine to take his billionaire playboy ego down to earth.
No loss for the sport really…

Symonds is a technical mastermind like Ross Brawn, I doubt it was his idea, he just calculated the figures.

NP Jr. on the other hand should lose his Superlicence and be banned from 1-2 seasons of racing as this is totally unacceptable. Even if he’s dumb enough to crash into a wall at 100 mph (which he is) he should have realized that there are more than 2 cars on the track, not to mention the stewards and other staff, so risking other people’s health for any reason is just plain stupid.

Telling someone to crash is one thing, but being a careless selfish piece of human junk that NPJr was is unacceptable. I sure hate Briatore for all the conspiracy and messing about, but now sh*t hit the fan and he’ll have to smile and swallow all that, but NPJr is a mindless moron who should not compete ever again, after all F1 cars are not remote controlled, unless a dumb ass driver is ready to do whatever is needed to keep his seat.

Look at Lewis for example. He just crashed because he’s a true racer, like Rosberg and Vettel. They’ll push the pedal to the metal to win, even if it’s the last lap. Lewis also said that he probably wouldn’t have pushed so hard if anything was at stake. If he can calm his nerves, why can’t others? At these speeds any lapse of mind could be lethal.

As for Team Renault, their disappearance from F1 would be a shame, as it’s a team of 2-300 something people working real hard, so banning them for the mistake of one Italian asshole and a Brazilian mindless wreck would be a mistake. As for Alonso, I’m not sure whether he’s always in the wrong place or he has something to do with these scandals, but I think he’d have been happier driving a Red Bull or a Ferrari this year than sitting in that useless piece of carbon fiber, therefore I assume he’s got nothing to do with the current case.

Anyway, as long as Jenson and Brawn are out there leading the champs, I don’t care. Truly deserved British victory. I just wish Sir Frank would buy a M-B engine next year, so both British teams would be up front…

Kind of off topic, but I’d like to see Rosberg in a more competitive car. Maybe a McLaren?

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piquet should stay in formula 1 so each time a team need a kamikaze could land him.
the whorst thing is that he admit to crash a car on porpouse.
buuuuuuuuuu shame.

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No wonder Junior kept his seat for so long.

If it really was just Flavio & Pat then penalising Renault F1 will punish the wrong people.

But there may be a case for Flavio & Pat being charged with attempted manslaughter.

Has this ever happened in NASCAR or INDYCAR?

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Its really interesting to see what Rennalt will do with regards to teh Singapore Grand Prix next weekend…I’m sure tehre will be a lot of boo-ing, like whenever David Beckum or Edward-o take to the pitch in football, but I’m not all together sure whether they will even be allowed to stay in the sport by the WMSC this Monday.

We will find out, any how. I bet that NPJ felt rather hemmed in by teh bribery that Briatore and his cohorts plied him with…crash, or lose your seat. He had not had a very good season any way, so he mustve thought that he would not get a very good chance to get a decent seat in the next year.

It is always teh case that one driver is given preference in a team, and I believe that in 2008, Alonso was given a better car than his team-mate. This was much the reverse of what happened to him and Hamilton in 2007, where the rookie was given preferential treatment over the two-times world champion who was his team-mate.

I think that this preference was one of the causes of Piquet’s poor performance in 2008 (continuing on into 2009), and I think he was rihgt to tell on teh Rennalt team about teh bribery, espesially as he did it to keep his seat in teh first place

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btw .. also Alonso must have known and even the FIA knew already since the race last year.

McLaren-Mercedes were fined 100mln usd for absolutely nothing during 2007 (also Alonso involved).

Now the FIA must fine Renault even more, no choice, but Renault is French (and so is the FIA) and might leave F1.

At least Alonso´s racelicense should be taken in.

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I find Piquet a real prototype of a treator, if your boss asks you to do something like he did, crash his car on purpose, he should have refused to do that, but I feel that he thought that was the way to keep his seat, so Piquet is as much to blame as Symonds and Briatore, he showed his true colors, no character, rubbish driver and I do hope that he will never be allowed to race an F1 car anywhere.

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Guilty, and Piquet is unemployable now. Ha, Ha Flavio!

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Most worrying is that Flav is some kind of driver agent-promoter-mentor (isn’t Webber one of those under his wing?) Surely he needs to be banned from continuing with that kind of thing..

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If people from the press, and even the FIA, have ‘known’ about this for almost a year, as now seems clear, isn’t it disingenious for Alonso to claim he’s known nothing?.. He must’ve been involved at some level – wouldn’t be surprised if he piyched the idea to Flav tbh, but even if he was ‘innocent’ at the time of the incident, he must’ve learned soon after that he’d ‘won’ a race due to the team’s cheating.. And yet he sat on it..

Maybe, just maybe, this is the root of the problems with Mclaren – perhaps Hamilton wouldn’t agree to drive into walls for him?…

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Hopefully, the press will now scrutinize Flav’s career with Renault to see what other shenanigans have been going on – this is the team that won the championship in 05 and 06, remember, with Alonso in the ‘first driver’ position – hope people have a good, good look at races in those years, too..

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Well Alonso did won this titles due to Michelin, ´the big French connection´. Just note soon as Michelin left Renault was nowhere. He must have known, the FIA should take his racelicense. Fact is that the FIA is also not clean in this case, it stinks.

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Now we know what Flavio is prepared to do in order to win. Roll back to 1994 : was the Bennetton using hidden software ? Did Schumi crash into Damin Hill on purpose ?

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@77, is Piquet Jnr gay?

First I’ve heard of that one, are you just planting a seed?

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Think I’ll head to Paris for the crash-gate hearing. I’m not invited, I’ll gatecrash.

Oh I see that Ferrari are abstaining from the vote (alleged) what’s the bets Alonso leaves squeeky clean and coincidently moves to Ferrari for ’10?

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…Hey TG how’ about a discussion on the musical chairs for ’10?

Kimi to McL, Alsono to Ferrari, etc?

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ive just read on an other post the that bernie thinks that the fia will be leinent because renault have shown flav and pat the i rite in saying they wernt sacked they left on ther own accord and also b,e is one of the fia panle and i think one of the biggest misscaridge of justice is about to take place and im not supprised and the sport will today lose all respect it was just keeping hold of what a shambles.i dont think many fans will be left.RENAULT made ther driver basicaly a kid drive into a wall to keep his job risking his own life and that of his co competitors trackside fans and marshalls and others so his whingin spoilt team mate can take a victory and they all will walk away laughing smiling.and bernie should be protecting the sport and fans and other teams by not letting this happen makes you wonder how dirty this sport realy is and was bernie involved too i think we are gonna find out soon ??????

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what’s the point of a suspended ban?

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i knew this morning when i read what bernie said said about being lienient that the outcome wasnt going to be credable.they have given 2 yr suspended ban to the team and banned flav and pat from all activity for five isnt a problem to them they have enough dough never to work again and the team arnt botherd either as they can still race and they wernt even fined on all counts the fia found them guilty its just a shambles from top to bottom
how can this be justice when mclaren were fined all that money for holdind ferrari docs used or unused they never put peoples lives in danger this is a very bad day for f1 as a whole and may never recover from this the only way it can is for bernie and the heads of the fia to stand down and replaced drastic measures are needed now what a laughing stock these people arec corrupt

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mclaren cry babies here we come

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Max Mosley is once again the winner, his rival Briatore is gone and Renault and Alonso walk away.

Hard to explain indeed why the FIA punished McLaren-Mercedes so much harder during 2007 over what was nothing in comparison to this.

Or is it because the FIA is French?

As a tifosi I can only hope the Scuderia will be smart enough to stay away from Alonso but this Santander deal makes me fear…

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btw .. #96 .. grow up

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i couldent give a flying ,,,, for mclaren what i said was they got delt with very harsh for the files they had and renault have got away with what can only called a finger waggin big changes are needed very quickly for the sport to get some respect back from the fans who at the end of the day without them there would be no f1

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