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You’ve got to start thinking that Jenson Button’s so lucky there’s no way he can end the season as anything other than World Drivers’ Champion.

The day started out looking miserable for Button, but thanks to fate and some stunning laps when he needed them, Jenson’s ended the day stretching his lead over teammate and championship rival Rubens Barrichello.

Rubens is now 15 points behind Jenson, with only three races to go.

But however much luck paid a part in Button’s result today, you can’t take it away from him that he managed to drive from 11th on the grid to fifth at the flag. That’s an impressive stat. And with Mark Webber dropping out of the race, and Sebastian Vettel only coming in one place ahead of Button, the Red Bull’s charge is diminishing.

McLaren’s Lewis Hamilton was domineering at the front, pretty much for the entire race, leading from pole to take the win. When you think how off the pace the MP4-24 was at the beginning of the season, it’s quite some feat for the Woking team.

Toyota got a great result with second for Timo Glock, who didn’t put a foot wrong all day, and Renault finally had some good news with a third for Fernando Alonso.

I can’t help but wonder how someone’s going to work out that Renault teammate Romain Grosjean’s retirement somehow helped Alonso to third place. Conspiracy theory’s are rife at the moment…

Obviously, it didn’t.

Anyway, check BBC Sport’s site for full results, and tell us what you thought of the loads-of-stuff-happened-but-ultimately-it-was-quite-a-dull race.

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am i the only one who thinks that we do not need another Monaco, lets just do monaco at night, and keep the good old races where people can overtake other people within the same lap……
p.s. niko rosberg overtook somebody at 15 position, (the only overtaking of the hole race)
p.s.2 did fiscicella race???

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just want to say fantastic drive from hamilton and well done to alonso for dragging renault out of the crash gate scandle

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Button is the luckiest person alive and doesnt deserve the drivers championship. any other driver on the grid could of won the world championship with that car. does anybody remember silverstone? valencia? buttons crap!
good drive by lewis, as always!!

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Fantastic drive by Lewis as usual. Well done mate!!!

Rubens 4 title. GO RUHBINIO

Hamilton 4 title 2010!

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@iceman123 your an idiot your just jealous of hamilton cuz you no youd never in a million years be able to drive like him!

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