Japan: how Jenson can win it

Jenson ButtonBig Sensational Opening Paragraph Alert: Jenson Button can clinch the drivers championship at Suzuka this weekend if he finishes far enough ahead of his Brawn teammate Rubens Barrichello.

It’s all a bit mathsy, but here’s how it stands. For Jenson to win the title, he has to score five more points than Barrichello, by achieving one of the following:

·     He wins and Rubens places lower than third.

·     He finishes second and Rubens places lower than fifth.

·     He finishes third and Rubens places lower than seventh.

·     He finishes fourth and Rubens places lower than eighth.

If Jenson finishes any lower than fourth, the championship will still be alive going to Brazil in two weeks’ time. Sebastien Vettel is the only other driver with a chance – a very, very slim chance, admittedly – of grabbing the title, and has to manage a podium finish this weekend and hope it all goes wrong for the two Brawn drivers.

After the first two practice sessions in Suzuka, we’ve got no better indication of who might be quick this weekend, with heavy rain reducing the second session to just 13 minutes of fairly processional action.

Heikki Kovalainen set to the quickest time of the day in first practice, with Adrian Sutil going quickest in the final session. Brawn chose to sit out of second practice, keeping their wet weather tyres in good condition for qualification tomorrow.

Japanese test driver Kamui Kobayashi replaced Toyota’s Timo Glock – who is suffering from a heavy cold – in practice, but the German driver is expected to recover for quali and Sunday’s race.

But all eyes will be on Button tomorrow. If you were in his race boots, how would you play it? Go all-out in the knowledge that a win will likely clinch the championship? Or play it safe, carefully accrue a few more points and hope that Rubens doesn’t storm it?

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Vettel is gonna be right in the thick of the title battle come Interlagos and Abu Dhabi

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is it just me or is it just that it nearly always goes to the last race?? coincidence? but come on Button you can win it!!!!

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I hope jenson loses he does not deserve to win , Hamilton had a bad start but now his car is ok he is winning all the races. If anybody has to win then go Rubens !!

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Hasn’t Jenson already won the drivers championship?

Didn’t the rules get changed at the beginning of the year because Hamilton won the championship with less race victories than Massa. So that who ever wins the most victories wins the drivers championship. Since he has 6 victories and no other driver has more than 2 victories with only 3 races left, let me be the first to declare Jenson Button Champion.

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Is it me or is Jenson doing his best to give the world championship to his team mate.

If he wins it will just be because of the fist 6 races and the points they gave him but what happened to him.

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dont panic lets just all take stock the tail end may have been a bit like cutting teeth but the work was done at the start sorry for always second fiddle rubins but JBs got this id like to say maybe next year red bull but Mclaren and ferrari have had a year to develop

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With the points difference in his favour, all Jensen has to do is accumulate 6 points or better and he can’t be beat. Simple as that. Good for the viewers if it goes to the wire. Just stay cool and out of trouble Jensen and it’s yours. piece of cake.

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Go get it boy you deserve it.

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its the car it was ahead of the rest in mods ect but all the other teams soon catched up now its down 2 the drivers and jenson just ent got it if lewis had of had the car he would of won it 3 races ago fact

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My name is Shirley Goldenberg

Nice to meet you

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