Japan: Vettel stays in the hunt

Sebastian VettelJenson Button failed to secure the world championship in Suzuka as Sebastian Vettel recorded a dominant victory to put him right back in the title hunt.

Vettel led from start to finish, but Button will be happy to head to Brazil having conceded just one point to main rival Rubens Barrichello.

Button eventually finished eighth, grabbing a single point, and he did well to hang onto that meagre reward after capitalising on an Adrian Sutil error and then resisting huge pressure from Robert Kubica following a late safety car. Barrichello finished one position ahead in seventh.

Vettel recorded his third win of the year after holding off Lewis Hamilton at the start and proceeding to build up a three-second lead, the McLaren driver saying it was ‘impossible to keep up with him’. Even after the safety car bunched the pack up with just eight laps to go, Vettel managed to stretch out a five-second lead by the chequered flag.

It was a frustrating race for Brawn, who could have wrapped up the constructors’ championship if it wasn’t for Jaime Alguersari’s crash late on, which allowed Nico Rosberg to nip ahead of Barrichello into sixth.

However, Brawn require just half a point in the next two races to ensure they keep the constructors’ championship. Even with their recent lack of pace, surely they’ll be confident of picking that up?

Things could have been worse for Button, who lost a place to Kovalainen off the start line and slipped to 12th place. But the Brit passed Fisichella’s Ferrari and Kubica in the opening laps, and then took advantage of a tussle between Kovalainen and Adrian Sutil to sneak through for eighth.

But today is all about Vettel. He’s 16 points adrift of Button with a maximum of just 20 remaining: can he possibly sneak the championship? On the evidence of today, there’s half a chance…

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Also, to all who thinks F1 is boring, try to actually support someone. And if you do, then support someone for the championship, Hamilton (for all you Brits) and someone in the midfield who could be at the front, like Toyota, Nico Rosberg or BMW. That’ll help

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isn’t it great to have a 22 year old (vettel)
to have as worldchampion?????

ok when jenson en barichello could take the tittel they were up against schumacher…..

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i saw vettel has winn only 3 races
and how much did jenson have????

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i think this is the same story as 1 year ago
hamilton wins….
and the next year he is nothing…
i hope this not goning to be for vettel

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Drivers can race every year. Problem is that if the car is enough to win? Brawn doesnt have money and there is a big risk that they will not be competitive next year.

I hope Jenson has options to choose good car as well to fight for 2010 title.

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Why was Trulli sleeping behind the safety car??
This was his big chance ! Know this Renault was in between but still, Toyota needs this first win!! There are no killer drivers like in the Mansell days anymore! Boring race after all.

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How was that race so boring i was expecting it to be brilliant with so much riding on it??

The start of the season was fairly crap with Brawn winning almost all of the first 7 races it was too predictable, i like that it is much more interesting now as the rest of the teams have caught up . i reckon that Hamilton is definitely the driver to beat at the minute its just a shame he cant win the championship.

Next season should be gr8 so long as McLaren dont screw up over the summer again

Hamilton Champion 2010!

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well done Vettel

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Also @39 Button is by no means the best driver on the grid. He only stayed at Honda for solong because he wasnt good enough for any of the better teams. Im not trying to slag him off or anything cos i would still like him to win but i just think that there is a lot better drivers out there. Hamilton and Alonso are by far the best drivers they have the drive to win and that special x-factor as no.40 said. If Hamilton or Alonso had the same car this season then they probably would have had the championship sealed up a few races ago.
the reason he hasnt complained in the past is cos thatrs what proper race drivers do. when they arent winning they dont like and although some dont like it that is how they become the best because yes they whinge but they do something about it and get better. and also he is a brit not at ferrari

anyway rant over :)

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Jenson is still the most deserving of this years title. 6 race wins beats Hamiltons 5 (i think) last year. How can he then be undeserving?!

Jenson will win the title but for the first time all season I am a little nervous about it. But taking the maths into it, 2 races, 20 points left. He only needs fifth place in Brazil(4 points) and no matter what Vettel or Rubens does, it’s his on win count back. So again, how does he not deserve it?

Now, if he had only won 1 or two races and won it over the next guy who had won 5 or 6 races, then I would be agreeing with you. I like Jenson and I like Rubens, so both wpuld be good world champions. I’ve not warmed to Vettel yet, he is excellent and a future champion, possibly a multiple champion, but at the moment he has too many flaws and needs to hone his racecraft a little better. When he is leading he is supreme, when he is in the pack, he just kinda tottles around not really doing much.

No, for me it is Jenson Button FIA World Formula One Champion 2009. (I hope lol)!

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What I like the most about Vettel is that he seems like a nice guy.

So, this is the one we will be supporting to kick Hamilton’s behind in the years to come.

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Its all about cars they have.
Without car any driver doesnt have any x-factor, no matter if your name is Alonso, Raikkonen, Hamilton or others.

Only factors i see are:
1. Button has won more races this season than any other driver
2. Button was 3rd with Honda in 2006
3. Button will be the champion this year

Even Rubens, nice old bloke has missed his chances years ago in Ferrari. Doesnt deserve to win just to retire with 2nd place (Vettel is more threat to RB than JB)

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I really hope they change the rules on testing. Its leaving a huge noticable gap between the ‘novice’ drivers and it seems fairly obvious from the last few weekends that it is dangerous having the ‘new guys’ out on the race track. Not that I dont want them there, just allow new drivers to practise.

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Agree, a certain amount of testing should be allowed, guess they will change it as Ferrari suffers the most from the testing bans. Als hope they will change the wingdims, this bookcase and snowplow clearly don’t help overtaking and still makes the cars look out of proportion!!

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damo did you forget Button’s first victory in Hungary?

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For those arguing that Vettel is NOT better than Button: stop drinking, ok?

Did you follow Button career? I did.

He would be the worst world champion since Damon Hill in 1996. Period. The same applies to Barrichello

Jenson is a good driver (like Damon was, otherwise the would not have been in F1), but he certainly is not a ‘great’ driver. Vettel might still turn out to be a great driver.

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if you like it or not. with 7 wins JB has already put himself to the list with Great race drivers. He had a car and he used max of it. Now when Brawn sucks he will take it easy and play safe. It shows guy has brains as well. Of course everyone likes that he will go flat out but if he loses title doing it then everybody will speak about him that why didnt he play safe…

So if you are in front there is always something wrong. Schumi was winning and many didn’t liked him as well…remember even he wasnt able to dominate with poor car!

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I think BUTTON wil win for a few reasons.

– Vettel and Barichello will have to race each other as well, and they will take the pressure off Button a bit, beacause all Button needs is 6 points in 2 races.
– Hamilton, Raikkonen, maybe Webber, could all still win the 2 remaining races.
– Vettel, and Barichello are due a crash, Bad luck, or mechanical issue.
– Button may still get a win.

Aside from all that though, Hamilton would clearly have kept his title, if the car had been even average at the start of the season! I’m not being a hard nose Hamilton fan by saying this, it’s plain obvious.

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@67: I totally agree, Vettel vs Button is no contest in terms of raw ability. I’ve followed both careers and the thing is, Button scored just 1 win in 9 years of F1 and then he finds himself in the best car on the grid by some margin and scores 6 wins in a row. Ok, it still takes alot of skill to get the best out of the best car (9 years of experience comes in pretty handy!) but even so, it’s just Damon Hill all over again.

In contrast, people forget that Vettel is still really young and isn’t much more than a rookie in F1 terms – I think this is only his second full F1 season – and so he is still making stupid mistakes occasionally but despite that, some of his performances so far have been extraordinairy – including last year obviousley, when he was even less experienced. And let’s face it, if weren’t for bad luck as well (as opposed to Button’s usually ridiculousley good luck), he’d probably have won the championship by now. But, of course, luck is all part of F1, so fair enough.

So, for all Button fans: fine – congratulate Button on being a good F1 racer and well done on (probably) winning the championship but please, don’t put him in the same league as Vettel. :)

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Vettel will take it hes hungry & if Jenson wins its because the team manager wanted him to, lots of strange false starts & extra stops for barrichello…

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Vettel is the new schumacher.

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@72 how is vettel the new schumacher. Schuey won 7 world championships there is no way that vettel is that good. he is a good driver but i dont think he is up there with Hamilton and Alonso and although you may sya that he can only get better then dont foget Hamilton is only 1 season ahead of him he will still get better.

Schuey is arguably the best driver ever and you are comparing vettel to him??

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