WDC for JB?

This weekend is the big one. Or at least, this weekend could be the big one. Will Brawn GP’s Jenson Button be World Drivers’ Champion come Sunday night?

We talked about the maths involved last week, so now you need to shelve the statistical possibilities and go with your heart instead.

As much as I have a niggling doubt, I think I’ve got to go with Jenson. Not because I’m British – although that is quite handy in these situations – but because I’ve got the feeling in my bones that he’s going to do it.

And I also think he’ll wrap it up this weekend, rather than wait until the very last minute and do it in Abu Dhabi. Wouldn’t Bernie Ecclestone be pleased about that, though, the title fight going to the wire for a third consecutive year?

I’m also don’t support the view that Jenson would be an unworthy champion, one that ‘crawled to the title’ at the end of the season.

Apart from the fact that winning a Championship is always about managing the points, no one else has really stepped up to the plate to dominate like
Button did at the beginning of the season.

If the season was switched around and Jenson won the last six of seven races, then no one would even think to question him.

I know other teams have sorted their cars out and Jenson’s had something of a dip in form of late, but he’s still done everything he needs to with regard to retaining his lead (if somewhat luckily in a few situations).

Teammate Rubens Barrichello has had a stunning season, and Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel is showing fine spirit, but I think it’s all going to go in Jenson’s favour from here on.

And amusingly, if Jenson does come away from Brazil this weekend with the title, he’s scheduled to appear at the Bluewater shopping centre for some promo event on Tuesday.

If I was him, I’d sack that off and get drunk on some beach in Rio with my hot girlfriend.

So what do you reckon? (I’m fully prepared to be shot down here…)

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no doubt button is a mint driver, but i dunno, he just ain’t ruthless enough to be a ‘proper’ champion. He’ll win it this year, and good on ‘im, but, and it pains me to say this because he’s always been somebody i’ve supported, but i can’t help but think he’s won it because of the poor form of McLaren and Ferrari.

He’s never truly had somebody to directly challenge him, even barrichello was more of an indirect threat if yoo like.

i just think this season’s been like his first win in Hungary; he won because the big guns had dropped off…

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Guess Kimi was even surprised himself during the 2007 final.

Sure Hamilton made a mistake but he was only a rooky! And Alonso’s bad team tactics also made McLaren loose that year, in same way Piquet sr. made Williams loose in 1986, remember?

It is always easier to be the challenger than to be the leader…

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You know what? I think he’ll blow it. The pressure’s gonna be imense, and I’ve got a feeling that Rubens might just nick it off him. Like Mika @28 says, its easier to chase than be chased. Come on Rubiniho!

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We will see

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If you think about it, we should just let Jensen do his work and we should worry about second place. Rubens and Vettel are rather close at the moment and I’m not sure who will take P2.

If you ask me, I think we should worry about that instead. Are you listening, TG?

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Button can do it, if he really wants it, and if his car lasts.

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Yeah, HUGE pressure on Jenson, that’s true BUT I think that people are forgetting that both the other title contenders aren’t ice cold like Kimi (in 2007) and will be under a massive emotional strain (despite the ‘nothing to lose’ spiel).

Barrichello: Very talented driver in all conditions but being such a passionate guy..in Brazil..needing a win – let’s just say that he might get carried away with the occasion (i’d love him to win his home GP though, even if he doesn’t get the title).

Vettel: Can be flawless and I think he has the talent to be even better than Schumacher but he is still very young and I think he can still get a bit over-excited on the day which might lead to unforced errors (not too mention potential engine penalties).

Good luck to all 3 but personally, i’d just love to see Barrichello snatch the title – no-one would appreciate it more than him and even though he’s not the best driver on the grid (top 5 maybe but one of the best in the wet!) I love his drive and passion and I don’t think many people would argue he deserves it.

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Jenson deserves the title – even if he is bowing under the pressure the last races, he gained it in the first half. Not because he is the most brilliant driver out there – if he would be, he would dominate Rubens now, which is the other way around. He is almost not making any mistakes and overall – smart.

-but – I hope he will not score points in SP – just for the sake to keep up the suspense for the last race!!!!!!

BTW weather shows cold and loads of rain…

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I think vettel is going to be awesome this weekend, he knows its a “all or nothing” sort of weekend for him because if he doesnt perform this weekend there is no chance for Abu Dhabi.

My choice would be
1. Seb Vettel
2. Rubinho
3. Buttman

Sorry i just dont think button should win because he hasnt been able to perform after all the other teams caught up with Brawns pace unlike Rubens who has consistantly been positive and given good points throughout the season.

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I’m hoping it’ll be Barri actually. He deserves it after all those years at Ferrari and getting nothing for the trouble. Then he can comfortably retire. But this is no prediction, just my wish.
I don’t think Button is all that good, compared to some of the others. He just had the best car in the field by far, first half of the season, and got the feel of it faster than Barri did.
After that, it’s definitely Vettel vs. Hamilton. Those two are the true talents since Shumi left.

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Rain in Brasil, I remember that from years ago. It’s a very bumpy track and the plumbing isn’t good, to say the least. Gonna be fun! All predictions are off I guess.

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Jenson deserves to win the championship. He has struggled for years and has talent. And he is nice bloke, a gent that expects crap results – a true brit. Come on Jenson, hope you get the medal you deserve mate!

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@ Tak: Now the predictions are definitely on: towards Vettel. And Button will struggle more and Barrichello will be about 4th or 5th. Meaning Brawn wins the WCC.

Frankly I really didn’t want the rain to come; because then Barrichello will win and have Trulli, Vettel, Webber, Hamilton, Raikkonen and Alonso as buffer towards Button, unless Vettel, Webber or Trulli steals it. With the rain I see: Vettel, Hamilton, Fisichella (remember last year? Ferrari would try any wet gamble on Fisichella, similarly), Alonso, Barrichello, Raikkonen, Kovalainen, and Bernd Maylander doing half the race distance.

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Although off topic, I totally agree with Jeroen (@ 23). Alonso and Massa at Ferrari mean these headlines:

Alonso and Massa Catfight in Maranello Windtunnel
Ferrari Fires Fernando & Felipe
And, my favourite would be
Schumacher the Replacement for Fighting Duo

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He better win it this weekend or get podium…or else Button will be the most unconvincing champion in recent memory.

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Bad news.

Vettel has decided to “Beard Up” for the race.

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iIf vettel wins the WDC cuz then he will break the record for the youngest world champion ever, which is currantly being held by Lewis Hamilton :) hope we hear from Massa on saturday or sunday cuz i want 2 see if he’s ok. Lewis for the win (pay back for last year lol) and Rubens for the title.

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Just remember Vettel’s still on a high from his win in the previous race.. and surely Red Bull/Renault can now safely concentrate all their efforts on his team for a podium win.

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Button probably will win the title this year, but next year, Vettel will win it for sure!

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no he wont he has no grit it was the car at the start of the season it was faster than the rest but not any more were back 2 the boring driver he always was

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I don’t rate Button & never have, if he wins the chamiponship its down to the early form of the Brawn car, he’s been useless since the other teams became competitive. He’s never been a true title contender, he may win it but he doesn’t deserve it.

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