WDC for JB?

This weekend is the big one. Or at least, this weekend could be the big one. Will Brawn GP’s Jenson Button be World Drivers’ Champion come Sunday night?

We talked about the maths involved last week, so now you need to shelve the statistical possibilities and go with your heart instead.

As much as I have a niggling doubt, I think I’ve got to go with Jenson. Not because I’m British – although that is quite handy in these situations – but because I’ve got the feeling in my bones that he’s going to do it.

And I also think he’ll wrap it up this weekend, rather than wait until the very last minute and do it in Abu Dhabi. Wouldn’t Bernie Ecclestone be pleased about that, though, the title fight going to the wire for a third consecutive year?

I’m also don’t support the view that Jenson would be an unworthy champion, one that ‘crawled to the title’ at the end of the season.

Apart from the fact that winning a Championship is always about managing the points, no one else has really stepped up to the plate to dominate like
Button did at the beginning of the season.

If the season was switched around and Jenson won the last six of seven races, then no one would even think to question him.

I know other teams have sorted their cars out and Jenson’s had something of a dip in form of late, but he’s still done everything he needs to with regard to retaining his lead (if somewhat luckily in a few situations).

Teammate Rubens Barrichello has had a stunning season, and Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel is showing fine spirit, but I think it’s all going to go in Jenson’s favour from here on.

And amusingly, if Jenson does come away from Brazil this weekend with the title, he’s scheduled to appear at the Bluewater shopping centre for some promo event on Tuesday.

If I was him, I’d sack that off and get drunk on some beach in Rio with my hot girlfriend.

So what do you reckon? (I’m fully prepared to be shot down here…)

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