Button is king!

button300They said that Jenson Button would, at best, limp to the World Drivers’ Championship title at the next race in Abu Dhabi, but he proved the critics wrong with a breathtaking drive at the Brazilian GP.

With some stunning overtakes early on in the race, it was clear Button wanted to take the title home with him today – and didn’t put a foot wrong the whole race.

Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel drove as hard as he could to make up for yesterday’s qualifying mistakes, but he just couldn’t do enough to stave off Button’s charge.

And Jenson’s teammate Rubens Barrichello had a tough day as soon as he slipped back to second place, after the first pit stops, behind eventual race winner Mark Webber (Red Bull).

Button has had a stunning season from the off, winning six of the first seven races and then maintaining his championship lead with a little luck. And whatever his critics have said, he is now the 2009 World Drivers’ Champion.

And I, for one, am pleased as punch for him. (I also predict that he won’t turn up for his PR duties at the Bluewater shopping centre on Tuesday.)

So what do you think – a worthy champion or a very lucky boy?

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Re: 178 (DD TG Fan)

I’ve only recently started to watch TG so I didn’t know Jenson’s already been a guest. Thanks for the information.

But yes, a “contest” between Jenson and Lewis would be worth watching. I suppose if The Stig took part as well, he could possibly be persuaded to be interviewed … using sign language of course, or morse code.

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Im psyched for Jenson and Brawn- They really deserved it. Brawn defeated the critics and the naysayers and what they have done is infinitely admirable, showing up in the first season and making Ferrari et al look like part time amateurs and guaranteeing them a place in the history books. Rubens’ replacement has a lot to live up to. Brawn one-two at Abu Dhabi anyone?

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Think back to the Jenson’s interview on Top Gear w/ Jeremy. Jeremy, after reciting all the worldly possessions and prestiege that Button had, asked him if he would trade it all to be world champion.Jensen didn’t hesitate at all an replied with a heart felt, afirmative. It’s great to see him achive his goal, the season couldn’t have been better if Jensen wrote the story himself. Well I guess he did in a way.Top Gear should bring him back. No show makes the guests look better that TG.

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Totally deserved it! well done Jenson! ;D

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For all you people complaing that jenson button didnt deserve it then F*** off. Face it he won it. He isnt our best world champion. Stewart, Hill and Clark was but he deserved that championship more than hamilton. Yes hard luck on Rubens and yes it wasnt the greatest win but at the end of the day he was the best driver that year

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Damon hill was worthy of at least another 2 championships if that lousy, cheating german scumbag hadnt of kept hitting him of the track ( & was never punished for it…. ) so that would put him at 3, 1 more than his father and equal to jackie stewart.

Jenson, bring it on in 2010 and show these muppets that you are more worthy than massa, alonso and all the other pretenders!!!!

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To all you people saying Brawn disappeared in the second half of the season, I have to fully agree 100%. I mean they disappeared so much, they even managed to score a 1+2 in Italy. Imagine!

In case you cant understand sarcasm, I disagree, and think you should go watch the season again.

The 2 title challenging teams this season were built for completely different races. Thats why Brawn dominated in places like Australia, Monaco, Spain and Italy, and Red Bull in Britain, Germany, Japan and Brazil.

As for Jenson, he won his WC in Brazil by creating the most exciting race of the season. He has been the best overtaker all season, in a sport where overtaking is a rarity. None of the “special ones” like Alonso, Raikkonen and Hamilton were able to pull out displays like Jenson did this season.

It proves what everyone who wasnt an ignorant buffoon already knew about F1. Put champions out of championship winning cars and they give mediocre performances. Put mediocre performing drivers with talent in championship winning cars, and they will show you what they can really do, just as Jenson did this year.

Button has always had the talent, just lacking the drive to really let it loose.

If you dont think he was a worthy champion, accept that youre a moron, and get over it. The points show he is a champion, and Niki Lauda, 3 time world champion and F1 legend takes his hat off to Button and declares him a fantastic champion. He knows more about championship winners and their worthiness than you armchair critic morons do!

Button is a fantastic British World Champion! I hope this is only the first of a few to his name!

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jenson butthole uses his cheater car to win the wdc.

worst WDC ever

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(sigh) y are people STILL saying hes not worthy 2 be the world champion, he got more point than everyone else simple as that, listen 2 Eddie Gordan People!!

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I think he deserves it, proven by his performance in Brazil.
Don’t forget drivers play a big part in the car development as well, so whoever said JB wins becoz he got a fast car is a moron.

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@ Neo (#180): Jenson didn’t cheat with Toyota, but he sure cheated with Sutil!

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Well done Jenson,Deserved it,come on Lewis!

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jenson isn’t a worthy champion, he’s a complaining loser with 0 wins since june.

HE was constantly the radio trying to get kamui kobayashi a drive thru when he was stuck behind the Toyota. yes jenson button was bitching because he could not overtake the toyota driver who’s never raced a f1 car competitively or raced on that track.

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Wat is it with u people out to insult Button! He is a totally deserving guy having stuck with Honda for 2-3 dismal years. Anyone less would have given-up or moved on.
He deserves the title because no-one else could catch him even when he was struggling like in Belgium.

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Feelin Fuzzier

you seriously think that Anyone less would of walked away from his Multimillion $$$$$$ contract to drive an 900bhp f1 car…?

brawn are a cheater team.
Honda started to develop the the new regulations 09 car from june 2008. without the massive finacial input and state-of-the-art facilities from Honda brawn would just be anoher minadi.

Honda should take credit not fraud brawn.

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MUTTON you talk crap and i bet your german for going against jenson(WORLD CHAMPION) and ross brawn is one of the best team leaders there are

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“i bet your german ”

if i WAS german i would be proud of mediocre button. brawn use german engines.

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I’m an English man. so of course I wanted Button to win.
But I have to say, he’s the worst F1 champion yet.

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@ Mutton

shows how much you really know about F1, none of the engines on that grid make past 800Hp, their all around 750hp

plus how the hell is it cheating that they started developing a car so soon? and btw, ALL teams start development on cars the season before, hell some even start development on cars for 2 season ahead! so they weren’t actually developing a car sooner then everyone else.. they just moved more resources towards it after realizing the current car is a flop.

and how exactly is cheating to have a name change? because thats all that happened when Honda left! its the same exact team, minus some people, same exact facilities, same drivers, and same team principles. the only real difference is the engine! thats it!

Honda even said they were proud of the Brawn Team.

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@ Mutton

Fair play to Kobayashi for a brave race, but shame on him for also letting his total lack of experience show so badly at the same time.

Jenson is right, he was driving like a crazy lunatic (clearly to try and secure a drive next year), and he should have got a penalty in that race. If not for blocking braking zones with Button, he should have definitely got one for taking out his countryman Nakajima by cutting across him.

Youre clearly an idiot who knows nothing about F1 other than being bitter because the driver/team you arselick had a rubbish season.

Get a life and stop watching a sport youre too immature to understand.

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@vinnx you are not very smart

2005 BAR Honda. 2005 jenson buttholes new contract.

Designation: Honda RA005E
Configuration: 90° V10, naturally aspirated
Displacement: 3.0litres
Maximum power: Over 900bhp
Maximum revs: Over 18,500 rpm

shows how much you DO NOT know about F1 my preteen friend.

@ Teh_Bends

Jenson was NOT right . K Kobayashi was a lunatic because he was defending his position into the first corner?

It’s funny watching the “deserving champion”with 169 race experience humbled by the 0.5 race rookie driving glocks car on a circuit hes never raced on.

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im sorry your correct, in 2009 their using the V10s from 2005..

i guess the 2.4 liter V8 limited to 18k rpm that’s been in place for the past 3 years that everyone on the grid is currently using is only a myth developed by the FIA to say they’ve gone green?

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MUTTON youre the biggest cock why do you have to be better than every one else jenson is champion for a reason he was the best driver throughout the season and thats that

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@ mutton: the engines are badged as Merc engines but they actually come from Ilmor in Britain.

And why the eff are you disrespecting Button? And anyway, if Honda had gone and Brawn didn’t form, they would take the 3 Bs with them. But no, Ross Brawn managed to get a team together again, and Button and Barrichello stay in the sport and BOOM, the constructors and the drivers championships are sewn up. And they deserve it for a reason. They stuck at it.

What would have happened if they didn’t go ahead? It wold be just another competition between McLaren and Ferrari (no disrespect to anyone, but it would be so) with everyone else fighting for third and fifth place in the constructors and drivers championships respectively.

And for that, i reckon someone at Brawn (probably the man himself) should be given a knighthood or something like that.

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