Jenson: it’s all glam now

Jenson ButtonJenson Button is currently holed up on a bus in a freezing car park at the Bluewater shopping centre in Kent. It’s not somewhere you’d want to be, having just won your first-ever World Drivers’ Championship.

As you’re no doubt well aware – 40% of you said that, in his position, you’d be drunk on a Brazilian beach.

“There’s nowhere else I’d rather be than here right now,” he smiles, with the air of a man who’d prefer to be anywhere else.

Although to be fair, he’s doing a good job, signing autographs for the 500 or so gathered punters shivering in the cold.

“I’m a professional,” he says.

And that’s something that can’t be denied. It’s a stark contrast to this time last year, when he climbed from his burning Honda after the Brazilian GP.

“It couldn’t be more different to that,” he says. “Shov [his race engineer] was counting down the last laps for me. ‘OK, you’ve got four to go’… ‘you’ve got three left.’ Those were the longest laps of my life!

“I spent the next couple of hours after getting out of the car just running up and down the pit lane, looking for my dad and the boys [the Brawn GP crew]. My legs hurt now.”

After this press event, he’s off to a party tonight, up at the Brawn factory tomorrow to see all the team, then his girlfriend’s flying in on Friday to celebrate her birthday with him.

In recognition of his sterling work – both as driver and, er, swordsman – we present him with a replica patch like the one James Hunt used to wear. It reads: ‘Sex, breakfast of Champions.’

“Can I put this on my suit for the next race?” he asks one of the guys from Brawn.

Being world champion has done nothing to diminish his mischievous side. Keep an eye out for that patch at the Abu Dhabi GP.

Our two minutes with Jenson went by quickly, but the shortness of time shows how in demand the world champ is right now.

So we grabbed a few words with four-year-old Jenson Bridgestock, whose dad has brought him down to catch a glimpse of his namesake.

“Can I have some chocolate cake?” he asks.

It seems even being the new king of F1 runs second best to a few things.

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