Button to Brawn?

Here’s an interesting piece of rumour mongering for a Friday afternoon: Jenson Button being looked at for a McLaren drive.

Now firstly, there’s no concrete proof of this from either side. McLaren have said they’re in talks with a number of high-profile drivers and, obviously, they want the best guy they can get to partner Lewis Hamilton.

Now ex-Ferrari pilot Kimi Raikkonen was in the running, but they don’t seem to be willing to stump up enough money to tempt the Finn. Toyota have said they can handle him there though, but he just wants a car to win in.

And secondly, Button to Brawn could have just been leaked from the Brit driver’s side, to put pressure on Brawn GP in order to get him the money he wants – the reason Jenson hasn’t signed on to stay already is because the money isn’t on the table from Brawn.

You’d have thought being World Champion would be enough leverage though wouldn’t you?

However, that aside, it’s an interesting proposition. It certainly makes sense for such a British team to have two Brit world champions in the cars.

But it still won’t necessarily satisfy McLaren engine suppliers Mercedes, who apparently want a German in one of the MP4-25s, which is why I maintain the belief that Williams’ Nico Rosberg will end up there.

But what do you think? And who would be the quicker driver – Jenson or Lewis?

And in other F1 news, it looks – to no one’s surprise – that Donington can’t raise the money to fund its British GP plans.

Hopefully the GP will return to Silverstone, as it would be a crying shame for us not to have a home race on the calendar.

And lastly, Jean Todt was today voted in as the new Max Mosley at the FIA. I hope he’s only the new Max in respect to being President, rather than he’s just going to carry on with the same way of running things.

Only time will tell.

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I’d quite like the teams to be mixed up a bit, it keeps it interesting. And as for the championship, there’s no way in hell that any of us lot could predict the winner, just look at the recent years, it’s almost been a different driver every year since schumacher left!!!

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McLaren= Lewis, Kimi
Brawn= Button, Heiki

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Jenson should stay with Brawn he seemed to have the best car in the grand prix

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I make no bones about the fact that I am a massive Kimi fan. I think he has done a magnificent job this year with a car that was not at the races.

Now that being said, I am disappointed that he is allowing his management to portray him as a money focused driver, indicating that money is the only reason he is still in F1. I agree with some of the previous posts, that he risks pricing himself out of a drive for 2010, and thus his F1 career. It sickens me to think about it but my gut tells me that the Iceman will be in an F1 car for the final time in Abu Dhabi this weekend.

Jenson is all but confirmed at Brawn for 2010. Ross Brawn was interviewed last week and said that he was 99% sure that Button would be at Brawn in 2010 so I dont know where top gear is getting their info.

Hence, I think we will be left with Button at Brawn, Raikkonen gone, Rosberg will have his pick- Brawn or McLaren. I think Heidfeld could be a possibility at Brawn if Rubens does indeed move on. A new team may well suit Kovy, he is not good enough for McLaren but his experience should provide a good base for a team such as Campos or Lotus.

So we are left with Rubens- He is a shoe-in for a new team, I dont think Williams would take on a driver of his age. Hulkenberg looks to be the man to go there, perhaps Kovy might join him.

All in all though, I think the loss of some of the real characters of F1 is going to leave 2010 being slightly boring. Fisi, Trulli, Raikkonen(just for his complete lack of giving a S**t—true Iceman), Barrichello…..whether you love them or hate them, they are the true characters in different ways.
The likes of Kovy, Rosberg, Heidfeld, the Nak and even Button to a degree are just not the same.

I just hope some new feud breaks out within a team, Im thinking Alonso and Massa at Ferrari. That may just spice it up. Vettel and Hamilton would provide good entertainment as weel. They look to have a great rivalry.
Bottom line, I hope Kimi stays in F1 but I have a feeling its curtains this weekend.

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First of all kimi is a great driver taking a horse cart of a ferrari to get on the podium. he could have won in 2003 & 2005 if his mclarens wings did not fly off adn erm…..hydraulics did not fail.
slime hamilton does not want kimi in the next garage as the team really likes him and kimi is a bloody fast driver. still hope he gets back to macca and kicks hamiltons posterior all over the place.

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Heiki was ‘piquetish’ at Renault, and proved to be hardly more than that in his recent years with McLaren.

Do you really believe an experienced teamboss, and strategic genious like Ross Brawn would offer him a drive while facing the heavy task of defending the constructor’s title next year ?

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it would be awesame if button when to mclaren
also it would be amazing to have to british drivers in a british manufacturing car

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2010 Line Up:

Brawn GP – Rosberg & Barrichello
Red Bull – Vettel & Webber
McLaren – Hamilton & Button
Ferrari – Massa & Alonso
Toyota – Kovalainen & Kobiashi
Williams – Hulkenburg & Heidfeld
Renault – Kubica & Glock
Force India – Sutil & Liuzzi
Toro Rosso – Alguersauri & Buemi
Campos Meta – Senna & de la Rosa
Manor GP – Davidson & Piquet Jr
Lotus – Trulli & Villenurve
USF1 – Klien & Speed

One loss if this turns out too be true is Kimi Raikkonen :(

One last thing i would like too say Well Done & Goodbye to Giancarlo Fisichella. You have done well!

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Personally i hate Button but if he teemed up with Hamilton then i wouldn’t complain. I hope he does join Mclaren and i also hope Silverstone is put back on the venues.

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Actually i think Mclaren should buy-out Brawn they’ve got enough money and i’m sure Richard Brandson would be happy making a heap of cash

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Kimi should just move on – who cares what he wants. His last two seasons have been uninspired and unmotivated. Button’s championship is tainted, since Rubino, Vettel, and Hammond have owned him for the second half – not what one expects from a true top dog. He may have a title, he just doesn’t have the mettle. Button won’t be able to hold off Vettel, Hamilton, Massa, and Alonso with equal hardware, and the odds of Braun pulling another early season coup again to feed Button the unfair advantage he needs to win are very long. Button needs to pull his head out and sign on before Braun tosses him.

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dont you mean hamilton

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and shouldnt the title say Button to mclaren?

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well button’s there now!

i didnt think raikonnen would leave f1 though, thats a shame

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