Button to Brawn?

Here’s an interesting piece of rumour mongering for a Friday afternoon: Jenson Button being looked at for a McLaren drive.

Now firstly, there’s no concrete proof of this from either side. McLaren have said they’re in talks with a number of high-profile drivers and, obviously, they want the best guy they can get to partner Lewis Hamilton.

Now ex-Ferrari pilot Kimi Raikkonen was in the running, but they don’t seem to be willing to stump up enough money to tempt the Finn. Toyota have said they can handle him there though, but he just wants a car to win in.

And secondly, Button to Brawn could have just been leaked from the Brit driver’s side, to put pressure on Brawn GP in order to get him the money he wants – the reason Jenson hasn’t signed on to stay already is because the money isn’t on the table from Brawn.

You’d have thought being World Champion would be enough leverage though wouldn’t you?

However, that aside, it’s an interesting proposition. It certainly makes sense for such a British team to have two Brit world champions in the cars.

But it still won’t necessarily satisfy McLaren engine suppliers Mercedes, who apparently want a German in one of the MP4-25s, which is why I maintain the belief that Williams’ Nico Rosberg will end up there.

But what do you think? And who would be the quicker driver – Jenson or Lewis?

And in other F1 news, it looks – to no one’s surprise – that Donington can’t raise the money to fund its British GP plans.

Hopefully the GP will return to Silverstone, as it would be a crying shame for us not to have a home race on the calendar.

And lastly, Jean Todt was today voted in as the new Max Mosley at the FIA. I hope he’s only the new Max in respect to being President, rather than he’s just going to carry on with the same way of running things.

Only time will tell.

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