Hamilton vs Button

Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton traded places at the front during the first practice session at the inaugural Abu Dhabi GP this morning, and it was good.

The incoming and outgoing World Champions made a fine show of it, and if their dueling was anything to go by, then Sunday’s race should be a gloves-off cracker.

The track is still pretty green and will get quicker during the weekend as more rubber gets laid down around the circuit, so expect times to fall, even in this afternoon’s second session.

Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel was quick enough for fourth, followed by Button’s teammate Rubens Barrichello in the sister Brawn.

Rubens has made his biggest hint yet that he’ll be off to Williams for 2010, saying that he’s definitely looking at them and that they’re a team “on the way up”.

So it could be a straight swap with Williams’ exiting driver Nico Rosberg, as we mentioned yesterday.

Talking of driver changes, Kimi Raikkonen has said that his only option for next year, after leaving Ferrari, is to go to McLaren.

The Finn said that he’ll know the situation in the next few days, and that he’s not even thought about Toyota, who have been dropping large hints that they’ve been looking at him.

Toyota also look likely to lose Timo Glock for next season, with the German saying that the possibilities for him to stay there are low.

It’s expected he’ll sign up to drive alongside Robert Kubica at Renault.

You can see the first practice results here at BBC Sport, where you’ll also be able to watch second practice at 13:00 UK time.

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Kimi and Rosberg go to Toyota, and McLaren signs Heidfeld. Glock goes to Renault, Kovalainen goes to Williams and Trulli goes to Campos Meta. There.

As for the race, I have to say Hamilton, as much as I despise him. See what happens after quali.

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Bruno Senna has confirmed the deal with Campos.

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Hamilton deserves to be at the front jenson has been very lucky this year getting the upgrade before everyone else and notice that when everyone else got the upgrade he fell behind , hamilton is by far the no. 1 in the grid!

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i dont think mclaren would want him there but as it says he toyota do. but i still think that button and hamilton together is a good option

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i still think that hamilton and butoon are a good option but kimi will not go to mclaren but i think he will go to toyota

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button is a bad driver for a very well made and guessed up team while Hamilton is an amazing driver for an improving team. The 2008 season was much more exciting!

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No. 28 comment by joey is right!

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Lewis Hamilton kicks BUT

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I would put my money on Lewis, he has shown much better performance in the second half of the season than Jenson. Button was just lucky to have the best car on the grid in the first races. When other teams got their cars also to run at that kind of performance like Brawn GP, Button was nowhere after that.

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button beat Hammilton =D
He came 3rd

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Hamilton’s car broke, if it didn’t than he probably would of won and kicked Buttons butt, like he has most of the time.

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