Abu Dhabi do

The first ever Abu Dhabi GP didn’t really live up to all of the off-track bluster once the race actually got going, until about two laps to go when Jenson Button got close enough to second place man Mark Webber for a bit of an on-the-edge ding-dong.

Jenson had been closing Mark down for quite a few laps, and it looked like he had the speed to overtake him on the final lap of the race, but Webber defended well and held the Briton at bay to take second at the flag, behind teammate Sebastian Vettel – who’s now the second placed man in the World Drivers’ Championship.

Lewis Hamilton didn’t run away from pole position at the start like some people had predicted, and eventually retired with a mechanical problem – a first for him in his F1 career.

After the demise of Hamilton, Vettel drove a commanding race from the front, summing up a great season for him with Red Bull Racing.

The most impressive drive of the day however must surely go to Toyota rookie Kamui Kobayashi, who finished a strong sixth and has surely done enough to secure himself with a drive for the Japanese team next year – assuming they stay in F1.

Check BBC Sport for the full results and let us know what you thought of the inaugural Ab Dhabi GP.

Oh, and come back tomorrow, when we’ll be having a look back across the season.

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great race no doubt about that but Hamilton should have won easy. it hasnt been a very good season for him even though he has had a few wins. if he hadnt had a bad car at the start of the seasons he’d have had a great chance of been a championship contender and a serious threat to button but, its all over now and next seasons here soon and im sure hell do better next season :)

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This season was a result of mistakes in rule changing.

Kers was a failure and made Bmw and Honda decide to quit. Money burning nonsense, only McLaren made it work, such a prove that they are the best and only true F1 raceteam out there!

The diffuser story made the ugly wings useless as overtaking still was as difficult as it was during 2008.

The teams were messed by the Fia, hope Todt will do a better job but for some teams it will be too late, fear Renault and Toyota also won’t make the grid next year, can’t blame them.

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other than the refueling ban, are there any other big changes for 2010?

What do we think of them?

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They should change the wing dims back to 08 spec.
Refueling ban seems good, there was better racing be4 1994.

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last week our group held a similar talk about this subject and you show something we haven’t covered yet, appreciate that.

– Kris

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