Ballsy Brawn

BBC Sport’s Ted Kravitz always comes up with some great insider type blogs, and his latest episode post-Abu Dhabi is more of the same.

This time he reveals something that I certainly had never heard before, and that’s regarding a ballsy move taken by Brawn GP boss Ross after Jenson Button’s sixth win of the year.

Ross says that he decided at that point their car was looking strong enough to finish out the season, so switched the factory’s focus to developing the 2010 car.

Which certainly goes some way to explaining Jenson’s dip in form for the latter part of the year, although they did turn the wind tunnel back on once in the middle of the summer – just before Rubens Barrichello’s two wins at European and Italian GPs – and then right at the end of the season to help secure the two championships.

Considering that they got the jump on everyone at the beginning of this season and held onto a good form for the rest of the year, how strong do you think next year’s car is going to be?

Especially now they’ve been able to factor in running the Mercedes engine this time around, rather than shoehorning it in at the last minute like they had with the 2009 car.

2010 is already shaping up to be an intense championship. Only 122 days to go…

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@43 couldnt agree more. Better case is mclaren. this year, lewis won races and got 5th in the championship with 49 points with a dog of the car at the beginning of the season, yet kovalianen, his teammate, in exactly the same car, got nowhere, with 22 points in exactly the same car.

Last year hamilton won the championship in his mclaren, yet Kovy only came 7th.

proves its not just the car that wins a championship.

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all of these hate comments make some of you sound like rubens barichello giving his “blah blah blah its not fair” speech.

Their was no cheating. its just other teams excuses for why brawn was so dominant. FACT is they didnt think of it, brawn, williams and toyota did, they were alot more cleverer when interpreting the rules and other teams were not.
Formula 1 is very competitive, and if their wasnt clever thinking from teams like brawn, then you would have a field of cars that all looked the same which i think is very similar to other series like GP2, which in turn wouldnt make formula 1 what it is.
no one else stepped up to the challenge to take it away from button, yet people still say button isnt worthy :S get a grip.

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I think it’s quite telling that Ross Brawn hasn’t given in to Jenson Button’s demand for a (relatively modest) pay rise yet – some drivers he’d snap-up straight away for fear of losing them to another team but maybe Ross is thinking: “Well, i’ve got the very talented Nico Rosberg signed-up for next year and although it would be great to retain Jenson for 2010, it wouldn’t be the end of the world if I replaced him with a low-wage exciting up-and-coming rookie..”. Just a thought.

I feel a bit sorry for Jenson because I suppose it’s quite insulting that despite being world champion he’s still having to negotiate to get a bit more money. On the flip-side, everyone knows what a genious Ross Brawn is and many drivers on the grid would do anything to get to drive in one of his cars – such is his reputaion within F1.

I expect a compromise will be met and Jenson will stay at Brawn but i’m sure this episode will leave a bitter taste in his mouth.

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I think that all of you sore losers should just shut up. Calling jenson “butthole” makes you seem immature and, to be perfectly honest, quite stupid. He had a fantastic performance this season, not only because of the car built with the honda millions, but also because of his driving skills. How good the driver is is important, more important than the speed of the car. How else would you explain Kubica in 3rd/4th place in the first race of the season IN A BMW SAUBER before Vettel took him out?

Anyway, jenson deserves the world championship, so:

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i hope jenson doesn’t get the money he’s asking for, he isn’t that good, when his rivals got their car in a level to match his, he showed what kind of driver he really is

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It’s looking increasingly likely that Button will go to Mclaren if Brawn doesn’t play ball. I think Mclaren would choose Button over Raikkonen for one reason only – he’s a hell of alot cheaper!

I hope Button does go to Mclaren – maybe it’ll help to settle the argument about who’s better between Hamilton and Button fanboys :P

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Jeez, i hope this is the last time i write this. IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT, LEAVE IT, AND KEEP YOUR WHINGEING, BLABBING BACKSIDES OUT OF IT! (By the way, if you see this, then you know SOMEONE’S wound me up. Immature people. Jeez.)

Now that’s over, i’ll talk about what i was actually going to say.

I reckon that it will be a lot more balanced for the championship in 2010. Brawn will take the fight to Ferrari, McLaren and maybe Red Bull again, but this time, from the start of the season. Also, is the ban both on refuelling and tyres in a race? Because if there is, what, really, is the point of pitstops? Because the cars can’t use them, unless they either A. wreck or B. Have been black-flagged or C. Have to come in for a drive-thru penalty.

And anyway, what would have been made of Schuey if the car he was given in his racing time was the then-equivalent of a Force India? (i’m not disrespecting those guys, they are brave for sticking to the sport even though they tend to be very slow.) Or if he was a Luca Badoer? It goes to show that it is actually both elements of the racecars that can sew up the championship. @ Raj: I agree. It is the drivers as well.

So if you don’t like the drivers, or the teams in F1, i just need to say this.

You just got owned by a 13-year old. :D

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Mutton, can’t comment for Button but Brawn gave an immediate and very heart felt thank you to all Honda employees especially those who had been let go when interviewed by BBC after sowing up WDC.

Horf touched on this earlier, with cost capping does the cost of this come out of 09 or 10 budget?

It’s an interesting tactical move because I believe it was the cause of Ferrari’s poor results especially in the earlier races. Seemed to be a real tough nut to tame.

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Can’t wait for 2010, the refuelling ban puts much more emphasis back on the skill of the driver – I think it will really help seperate the men from the little boys. :)

@Nitroguy – did you watch the whole season? Yes, Force India were slow on tracks which did not suit their set-up but they were also lightning-quick on selected tracks earlier in the season. That’s why so many people were surprised when Fisichella swapped his Force India for a Ferrari – if that doesn’t tell you that Force India were fast at the time, then nothing will! :P

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i think it will be ferrai and mclaren this year like it used 2 b mclren av got button and hamilton and ferrari massa and alonso

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