Ballsy Brawn

BBC Sport’s Ted Kravitz always comes up with some great insider type blogs, and his latest episode post-Abu Dhabi is more of the same.

This time he reveals something that I certainly had never heard before, and that’s regarding a ballsy move taken by Brawn GP boss Ross after Jenson Button’s sixth win of the year.

Ross says that he decided at that point their car was looking strong enough to finish out the season, so switched the factory’s focus to developing the 2010 car.

Which certainly goes some way to explaining Jenson’s dip in form for the latter part of the year, although they did turn the wind tunnel back on once in the middle of the summer – just before Rubens Barrichello’s two wins at European and Italian GPs – and then right at the end of the season to help secure the two championships.

Considering that they got the jump on everyone at the beginning of this season and held onto a good form for the rest of the year, how strong do you think next year’s car is going to be?

Especially now they’ve been able to factor in running the Mercedes engine this time around, rather than shoehorning it in at the last minute like they had with the 2009 car.

2010 is already shaping up to be an intense championship. Only 122 days to go…

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