British super team

Jenson Button has signed on to drive for McLaren from next year. At least, that’s what BBC Sport are reporting.

In a move that’s expected to be officially announced later on today, Button will line up as 2009 World Champion next to the 2008 World Champ Lewis Hamilton in an all-British super team.

Maybe McLaren just like having the number 1 sticker on their car?

Some circles are unconvinced that this is the right move for Jenson – including Brawn/Mercedes GP team boss Ross Brawn – as the Woking squad has been built around Lewis.

Even the car is unlikely to suit Button’s understeery style, as Hamilton prefers a large amount of slidey oversteer to enable him to do his thing.

However, McLaren proved this year that when it comes to building stuff, anything is possible, so they could potentially make two decidedly different cars to suit their two decidedly different drivers.

Plus, it seems like a wise move on Jenson’s behalf, being that McLaren are certainly more likely to have a race winning car than Mercedes GP.

Personally I think Jenson’s going to have a hard time competing against Lewis at the latter’s home team, but then it’s better to be the number two driver with a winning team than the number one driver at a mid-field squad.

Plus, his bank balance is sure to be more healthy.

But more important than the Lewis/Jenson head-to-head, whose WAG is going to maximise Sunday screen time – Nicole Scherzinger or Jessica Michibata?

Mulberry handbags at 1 o’clock…

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