Silliest season

Without a doubt, we’ve had one of the best Silly Seasons ever in Formula One this year, providing nearly as much to talk about in the pub as the stuff that actually occurred on-track.

The Silly Season has, traditionally, happened between one season ending and another beginning, but this year it was all carrying on far before the final parade around the Abu Dhabi shopping centre carpark.

Fernando Alonso leaving Renault to go to Ferrari for example – which wasn’t really a shock – but then after he won the World Championship, Jenson Button switching to McLaren was.

BMW pulling out altogether was another bit of a surprise, whereas the perpetually rubbish Toyota leaving with its tail between its legs wasn’t.

(I still maintain that the latter failed due to the cars looking crap and the paint job being consistently rubbish).

Yet now we have even more madness. Kimi Raikkonen – 2007 World Champion, one of the purest, fastest racers out there, likes ice cream – hasn’t been able to find a suitable race seat in F1 for 2010, so he’s going to slide a Citroen around some forests backed by Red Bull.

Now Red Bull have denied that this means Kimi will then replace Mark Webber at their F1 squad in 2011, which means that he definitely will. Probably. (Only last week, Citroen denied that it had any sort of deal in progress with Kimi, and look what’s happened).

Then there’s Peter Sauber, who sold his F1 team to BMW a few years back, and has now bought it back. He’s been given Toyota’s grid place for next year, and so has successfully succeeded in saving his old crew.

Good work him.

Renault on the other hand, are looking at selling off its F1 operation to some Luxembourg investment fund, or to the more than capable David Richards and his Prodrive squad.

The French manufacturer’s boss, Carlos Ghosn, seems to favour of the latter option, as does F1 supremo Bernard Ecclestone.

We can only imagine that is all because of money, but obviously we would like Richards to get it.

We’ll keep you posted.

Anyway, will Kimi be any sort of a threat to teammate Sebastien Loeb?

More importantly than that however, thanks to rally drivers wearing open face helmets, Kimi will now not have to wait for a race to be rained off before he tucks into a choc ice.

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Sorry to be a bit slow but what was that all about Kimi liking Ice cream?

I hope Kimi does do well in WRC and i also hope Ken Block does well! its a shame he has had to move to Ford. I liked to see a Subaru. seems they have been pushed to the sides in rallying!

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What actually is talk ?????????????????

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I think Raikonen was lucky this season. He underperformed and acted like a tw*t.

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Funny thought….more about raikkonen has been dicussed that about any other F1 driver….People surely do miss KIMI in F1……………

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