Brit GP saved

After much wrangling over the future of the British Grand Prix, Silverstone has just announced that it has secured a 17-year deal to host the race.

The GP was put in doubt when the deal with Donington fell apart, after the circuit’s leasing company were unable to secure funds to redevelop the track.

F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone then made some grumbling noises to there not actually being a UK race next year, which caused teams and the general public alike to get somewhat irate.

However, Silverstone owners the British Racing Drivers’ Club has now come to a workable deal with Bernard, that leaves them in a much better position,
with a longer contract, to invest in the track for the future.

Building on a new pits and paddock complex will begin post-Christmas, and it’s hoped that will all be complete by the time the 2011 race comes round.

“It is not easy to enter into a contract of this magnitude and you have to take on a lot of responsibility, but we wanted this relationship to continue,” said BRDC president Damon Hill.

“Everyone was well aware that the British GP is not just a sporting event, but it is dynamo of the industry in this country.”

So that is some very good news indeed for a Monday morning.

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cant wait for gran prix next year

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I have to admit, Jimmy, that I wasn’t a fan of how the cars looked this year. I guess that is the case in the first year after a major rules change though, you get used to how cars look for many, many years and then you come to something completely different. To be honest though, I don’t care if the cars were pig ugly if it means we get more wheel to wheel racing. Because, as I have said, that’s what it is about. Racing. I generally believed 2009 would see a lot more action, but thanks to the invention of the double diffusers and then some teams having KERS and others not, it kind of backfired. 2010 will be interesting to see what happens for sure, but by no means is F1 boring in my eyes.

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Well James, to my opinion F1 cars should look cool and shinny. It is part of what F1 should be. For wheel to wheel stuff there is WTCC or DTM.

F1 should be fast and furious and cool, overtaking will occur anyway, the best maneuvers were made by cars that did look in proportion (see the #41vid).

Looking at clown cars or Lego cars makes F1 childish. We are already missing the gorgeous V10s and V12s sound from the past and now the cars even look like wheelchairs.

Just a lower and wider back wing and a slightly smaller front wing would solve the whole problem.

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Its about bloody time that was sorted out and its great that it is.

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oh yes i have one thing to say to jezza how can you take the mick out of sheffield you are from donny well actually i dont blame you for taking the mick why dont you get the stig to take a mana grand prix car round the track?

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Fantastic news, we still have a British Grand Prix. I must admit I never beleved in the Donington project, they were being just way over confident. Im glad Silverstone still has it, it is the only place to have the British Grand Prix. Its the home of British Motorsport.

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been to silverstone before pretty cool
great news though well done silverstone

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watf1 you are wrong since motogp races at laguna seca they have proper pit garages and by the way the gp track in turkey is going the wrong way and that race is only a bit unwatchable and the track in canada goes the wrong way but there is a bit of good action there

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