New F1 car launches

Always something to look forward to in the New Year is F1 teams launching their new cars, which gives us something to get excited about.

January 2010, however, is about to change all that. Gone is the chance to be the first of our friends to find pictures of the season’s new chariots. Gone is marking the dates in our diaries of when each team will be having a launch.

In its place is one big über-launch at Valencia.

Merc GP CEO Nick Fry has revealed that all the teams are planning to launch all their cars at one time in the same place, that being Valencia in late

Every FOTA team is due to meet in Monaco later today to discuss the project, which they’re hoping to make into a proper event.

A commendable enough decision, given that all the teams need to save money, and want to project a happy co-existence.

But sadly, what they don’t seem to have considered is that the fans enjoy getting one car at a time, to give us chance to take in what they’ve done.

Although saying that, maybe they’ll each roll their cars out at half-hour intervals, which would potentially be more exciting than normal.

So come on, we’ve got a few hours before they convene their meeting – what do you want to see happen?

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