Revealed: Ferrari’s 2010 colours

We weren’t supposed to see Ferrari’s 2010 F1 livery until Thursday, but here it is in all its red-and-white glory.

Well, nearly. This is, technically, the 2009 Ferrari car – the F60 – with the 2010 paintjob. The most obvious change is the whacking great Santander logo on the rear wing, which replaces the Marlboro bar code graphic of previous seasons. We liked the bar code graphic.

The new livery was revealed at a press event on the Paul Ricard circuit in France, with Scuderia new boy Fernando Alonso at the wheel. Alonso revealed that Ferrari’s 2010 car – codenamed 291 – is ‘almost ready’. Which is relieving news, what with the first race of the season less than two months away.

Ferrari will officially reveal their 2010 car on Thursday, with McLaren following suit on Friday. We hear rumours of a live video broadcast covering the unveil in Woking. We shall keep you informed.

So, before we’ve got any actual, y’know, evidence or somesuch, let’s have your thoughts. 2010: will it be a good year for good-looking F1 cars?

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