Alonso’s horse

There must have been some strong words said last year at Ferrari’s headquarters in Maranello by those in charge of F1 things. Pretty much, they sucked.

They won only a single race – the Belgian Grand Prix – after failing to interpret the new rules correctly and so making a dog of a car.

So much of a dog, in fact, that they switched focus halfway through the season to concentrate on getting the 2010 car right.

And here, for your viewing pleasure, is what that focus has produced: the brand new F10. And happily, it looks good.

It’s maybe a little too close to last year’s F60, so expect upgrades before the first race in Bahrain, but it gives us a good idea of where they’re headed.

They’ve nicked the nose and upper fin things from last year’s Red Bull, and the back end is hugely long to accommodate the larger fuel tank this year, which is needed because mid-race refueling is banned.

The front wing looks far too simple to be the real one that they’re going to go racing with, but teams never reveal their true aero on press launch day – that would be silly.

The white patches hosting Santander logos are starting to look much better already, because the Marlboro barcodes tie it all together.

Felipe Massa will take this for a few parade runs later on around Ferrari’s Fiorano circuit, with Fernando Alonso standing by watching (probably looking put-upon, as usual).

Anyway, what do you think of the first 2010 F1 car to come out into the light?

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Some say It comes with a cruise control..

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I couldnt think you are more right..

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