Alonso: it’s a special feeling

Fernando Alonso admitted it was a special feeling to join the likes of Juan Manuel Fangio, Nigel Mansell and Kimi Raikkonen in winning on his F1 debut for Ferrari in Bahrain.

The Spaniard headed into the first round of the year as many people’s tip for victory as he chased his first win since Japan 2008, but had to settle for second on the grid behind Sebastian Vettel and team-mate Felipe Massa.

With Ferrari having completed a precautionary engine change on both cars ahead of the race, Alonso managed to get ahead of Massa off the start and then benefitted from Vettel’s exhaust issues to take the lead later in the race.

From there, Alonso produced a series of impressive laps to pull away from Massa for a comfortable victory and he admitted to being delighted at a winning start to the latest phase of his career.

“I want to dedicate this victory to President di Montezemolo, who believed in me and to our mechanics who did a really great job when they changed the engine on my car in a very short time,” he said. “Jumping onto the top step of the podium was a special feeling and I hope I have matched the expectations of the whole team. We worked so much this winter and now we are beginning to see the results of that.

“The first races of the season are very important: we must get to the European part of the year with a lot of points in the bag and a high level of understanding of how the tyres work at various types of track. The key to winning will be to continue to develop the car race by race.

“On the harder tyres, we went very well, but with the softer ones, I was struggling a bit to stay close to Vettel. I was planning to attack in the final ten laps, but luck gave me a hand: you always need a bit in every race. At the start, I got away well, making the most of being on the clean side of the track and I managed to pass Felipe, going for a space that was big enough to pull off the move without any risk. Then I was lucky not to have any problems with the car, while my team-mate had a more difficult time and had to ease up a bit.

“Now it’s time to think about Australia. We will see who has the best car at that track, but I think the four top teams will all be in the fight.”

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Lets face it guys.. Alonso is not a bad Driver. (but that being said, i would never support him even when he drives for Ferrari)
And whatever Vettel’s problems were, it simply doesnt matter – cause at the end of the day, its the combination of the Man and the Machine.. Well tough luck to vettel for being in the wrong team – one which chose an extremely fast but unreliable machine..
But all said, the race really was boring… boring like watching GOLF!!! I’m sorry but this is Formula-1!! if this sport is supposed to go SOFT, its better wen not there.. Wish Ecclestone gets his stone removed :P and with Todt does something about this boring Sh*t that they’ve made out of the most Glamorous sport on the planet.
As for the Brit – Hamilton, he’s no-good. so lets not waste time or space talking bout him.

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That had to be the MOST BORING race EVER!!! thank god i recorded it on sky+ at least i could fast forward it from lap 6 to the final 3 laps. What have the FIA done to F1?? All these new rules are rubbish. Smaller engines, tyres, larger fuel tanks – the cars are bound to be slower!! Bring back 3.5ltr engines, turbo’s and driver aids. F1 is meant to be the cutting edge of technology – not the cutting edge of boredom!!! thank god motogp starts again soon. Now thats racing!!!

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Fangio and Raikonnen won the championship the year they won their first race for Ferrari… can Alonso do it?????

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Alonso would have won without vettels spark plug problem.

in fact, vettel didnt deserve the win after the ferraris past him. Why you say? Well, when the ferraris past him, he was doing 2 mins 3 seconds, but the he went to 2 mins 5 seconds, 2 mins 2, 2 mins 3, 2 mins 1, 2 mins 5…. he was totally inconsistent and lost his heart because of a problem.

If you say alonso is lucky, think of lewis; he lucked into the podium much more than Alonso lucked the win. Oh, I happen to also believe that, having a car do 47 laps in the lead, and being fastest is pointless if you cant the the final 48th lap and cross the line.

So on that note, redbull didnt deserve to win because their car cant work fast enough without a problem for a race distance.

And yes, Im british. I supported nando since i was 11 years old and he was in the European Aviation minardi.

He is the BEST driver on the grid. He WILL win the 2010 WDC. COME ON FERNIE!

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Alonso and Stoner for championships this year. Italian four wheel and two wheel domination, forza Ferrari and Ducati.

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