Work to do at McLaren despite podium

Lewis Hamilton has admitted that McLaren have work to do following the opening round of the 2010 F1 season in Bahrain, despite securing a podium finish from the first race of the new campaign.

Hamilton took third place in the race behind Ferrari duo Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa, although the Briton would have missed out on a podium finish had it not been for the mechanical issues that affected early leader Sebastian Vettel.

The Briton had lost out to the start after dropping behind the Mercedes of Nico Rosberg before managing to jump ahead of the German during his one and only pit-stop – something he admitted may have cost him a better finish – but he reflected that McLaren may now have to bring forward scheduled upgrades in an effort to take the fight to its rivals.

“Third place was a very strong result for us,” he said. “I feel that we did a good job: our reliability was great and the pace today was pretty good, but we still need to push very hard to close the gap to the cars in front.

“My race was decided on the first lap when I locked up at turn four, ran a bit wide, got in a bad position and Nico got past me. After that, I spent the whole first stint close behind him, but just couldn’t get close enough to pass him. After the pit-stop, the guys were able to get me out ahead of Nico – which was a fantastic job, thanks guys – and I had some clear air and was able to make up quite a bit of ground to Felipe. If I hadn’t been sitting behind Nico, I think I might have been able to challenge Felipe for second place.

“It’s going to be difficult for us to close the performance gap immediately, but I think I’ll go back to the factory and give them the biggest push. I know they’re all pushing flat-out as it is, but we need to get some upgrades, and we need to bring as many of them forward as we possibly can.”

With new team-mate Jenson Button finishing the race in seventh, McLaren leave Bahrain lying second in the standings to Ferrari and team boss Martin Whitmarsh said he was encouraged by the performance, even if he too said there were improvements to be made ahead of round two in Australia.

“Both Lewis and Jenson raced very well here in Bahrain this afternoon,” he said. “After the disappointment of our qualifying performance yesterday, the fact that our race pace was strong today was extremely encouraging. In fact, in the last part of the race, Lewis’s was the fastest car on the track.

“However, like Jenson, who got stuck in a queue of traffic early on, Lewis was a little delayed by Nico in the first few laps. As a result, neither of our drivers was able to show their true race pace until after their pitstops.

“Happily, both our drivers benefited from excellent pit stops – Lewis got ahead of Nico and Jenson got ahead of Mark – so I want to take this opportunity to say ‘Well played’ to the team for calling both pitstops at the right time and executing them so efficiently.

“Overall, then, we’re pretty happy with our haul of 21 world championship points, and will now continue to develop our car on the back of this very promising first outing. Our aim is to be fully competitive in Australia.”

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Hamilton could have kept up if he wasnt held up by rosberg

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Never mind work to do at McLaren, work to do at the BBC i would say, by getting rid of that dunderhead Jonathan Legard.
Christ allmighty is he watching the same race as us?
And what on earth was he rambling on about at the start of the race?
Also probably the most boring race i have seen.
Personaly i feel the same about all the tilker designed circuits.
But please beeb, please, please get rid of Legard, saying that he did generate the only bit of interest for me as i spent the whole race shouting at the telly “shut the f*@# up you f*@#ing tit!”

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+1 @ Legardhater

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what could they possibly improve??
looks good 2 me. pftw

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I think it seems that the cars just have so much downforce. Now there back, (thanks in no part to the double diffusers) to the sort of downforce levels we probably had around 08 maybe even earlier than that I’d guess, personally I like the cars as they look although the rear wing does look a bit daft, but is necessary if your going to reduce the turbulent air created from a car, also I would love to see the cars generating more underbody downforce, this is one area that is not as heavily affected by the turbulent air that comes when one car is following another, personally I think the should be a massive slash in downforce levels, mainly from the wings, and leave the under tray and diffuser as the main downforce generators, that way hopefully cars will be able to follow more closely, and of the Subject of Jonathan Legard, my god does he even know what sport he’s watching? Oh yeah and COME ON MCLAREN!

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Give the Cars KERS again that made the start interesting and help overtaking happen more

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the 2009 season was fantastic, i don’t see why people are saying that the new wings are rubbish! i mean if that didnt happen, Button would NEVER have won that championship. 2008 was okay but didn’t make me watch every race, (that might have been ITV’s fault). I do think berny should have given the new teams extra testing, they have no experience at all, and to make good racing all teams should be close, and with them being on average 3-6 seconds slower they need more testing time obviously! The McLaren will get really strong by the Mid of the year and Button will do a Kovalainen (always finish behind Hamilton) unfortunately, he never has had as much skill at Hamilton, which is a shame because i would love to see more battles between the two, Button won the last championship with skill yes, but also the best car on the grid by miles, i mean as if Barrichello is good enough to win races in any other car than that brawn these days!

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Question: Does any driver that did not win ever say “No, we don’t have any work to do. We’re done!”

Also, best race ever. To bad I missed it. I thought it was next Sunday.

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And another thing. Yes, let’s bring back dead people like Senna. Good idea.

I seek 120 rule changes; one is that the drivers need to wear a thicker sock on their right foot. My theory is that no one is pressing the gas pedal hard enough.

If the purpose with the rules are to slow down the cars, why not prohibit breaks? We’d see some mighty careful drivers. Jeremy could act as a marksman from a ridge and just “boooff” anyone who does not cease an opportunity to overtake (google sand people).

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One last sarcasm for the day…

All people who think that F1 cars should be judged by their looks rather than their speed should seek some inspiration from the books of history.

Sample 1: Bad

Sample 2: Good

Sample 3: Bad

Sample 4: Good

CONCLUSION: We need more tobacco advertisements, because it makes the cars look yummy!

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pretty boring race there too wimpy to take risks so they just conserve fuel and tyres people that are on pole will win the race

less downforce more power no dam turbulent air

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Hey mansell fan, your a genuius buddy, you tell me somebody better than schumacher who brings controversy, media public and fan attention back to the sport? Apart from the ones who are unfortunately deceased (Senna) and just to old (Mansell)? U twat.

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so many spicy ingredients but such a boring meal….

Vettel ruled but was stopped by bad luck or better technical defect, unbelievable how he pulled out an outstanding pole lap and dominated the race. He was the real story and winner. Also despite the spark failure he still managed to get 4th

Alonso did a great shop too – with one aggressive move he showed the real champion material to Mr.Nice Massa.

Hamilton spanked Button – sad to see that. I hope that will change. With those rules in place I don´t have a lot of hope. Button is not a great qualifier – Hamilton is. Without overtaking caused by the current rules…I don´t see that McLaren will stay in the 1st league. I hope I am wrong

I see RB – Ferrari – then Merc

Schumacher was good, better then expected. Give him 2 more race and then we will be able to see whether he still has it.

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i love how lewis says that he was “sitting behind” nico and that he would have passed massa. is it really too much for him to believe that he wasn’t being held up and just slower?

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thats right .But i still thingk that lewis will win
the 2010 title.

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Both Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton demanded more downforce… FISA-FOCA war, anyone????

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Lewis will win 2010 title.
He did really well on sunday!
Grea+t race ++bu
t bring back refueling and KERS please bernie

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and more downforce.

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I definetly believe Hamilton would have kept up behind the leaders because after he past Rosberg and left him for dead, he was the fastest man on track.

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i’ve loved f1 since i was a kid, but that was the most boring race i’ve seen since the usa gp where only 6 cars raced. stop messing about with the rules you twats, let the teams develop their cars to the best of their ability and go as fast as they can. i mean, that’s what a race is supposed to be surely?
agree that legard doesn’t belong. he’s the bbc’s james allen, and you know he’s just making it up as he goes along.

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Well put travelgeek!

However Hamilton spanked Button because Button is an average driver at best.

Hamilton has a chance to regain his title, but it will be tough for McLaren as Vettel, the tow Ferraris and Mercedes will all be there or ther abouts when the dust settles.

Just hope it gets more exciting than Barain. If not, we are in for a very long and boring season.

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