Red Bull pace ‘insane’, insists Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton reckons Red Bull Racing are currently the team to beat in F1 after claiming that their car is ‘ridiculously faster’ than anyone else’s.

Red Bull ended the 2009 season as the quickest team on the grid and should have started their 2010 campaign with victory in Bahrain, before a spark plug failure saw Sebastian Vettel drop from the lead of the race down to fourth.

Speaking to reporters ahead of the second round of the season in Australia this weekend, Hamilton said Red Bull’s pace was ‘insane’ and stated his belief that Vettel and team-mate Mark Webber should be further ahead of the rest of the field than they currently are.

“The Red Bull is ridiculously fast,” the McLaren man was quoted by Reuters. “It’s insane. The downforce they had on their car last year was at points just about double what we had. Even at the end of the year they had so much more than us, even though we won a couple of grands prix.

“They have got the fastest car by quite a big margin. They should be quite a lot further ahead in general.”

Hamilton said Ferrari are currently the closest team to Red Bull in terms of pace, but insisted that McLaren and Mercedes aren’t far behind.

“Fernando was very quick in the race and they [Ferrari] are obviously a little closer, but it’s still a good half second,” he said. “We are kind of on the same level as Mercedes.

“We just did maybe a better job, but it’s a battle between us and Mercedes to see who can step up and improve faster.”

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I do believe Red Bull have the best car currently, but i think the other teams will close the gap in the coming races becuase theres only so much you can improve on a car and i think red bull cant improve as much as Mercedes or Mclaren.

As for reliability, they can improve on, although i dont think it was a spark plug failure that cost Vettel the win. Ron Denis says it was the RB6 using more fuel than they predicted and the cars electronic control unit (ECU) switching to a conservative programme to save fuel. If you think about it Vettels Final lap was back on the pace to stay ahead of Rosberg.

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Ferrari will win the WCC no problem, mark my words.

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Not trying to be nasty, but is the Red Bull playing by the rules? In the past few years every time we have seen a car a lot faster then all the others, we find out that they are stretching the rules a bit. I wonder if anything like that is going on. I really hope not.

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i hope hamilton is right, i hope for Vettel 1, Massa 2, Schumacher 3. if not for Ferrari replacing Raikkonen, who is hilarious, awesome and the fastest driver, possibly in the world, with a twat, i would have hoped for Kimi, Massa, Vettel and signed off with a simple Forza Ferrari, how ever, they did replace Kimi with Alonso, so Vettel, please win!

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I’d like to see Vettel and Hamilton go head to head on the same team.

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I agree with number three, i cant see a huge amount of difference on their car apart from the pullrod suspension and clever exhaust packaging….. ohwell i suppose its better than schumi being a million seconds faster than everybody like he used to be.

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During Bahrain Qualifying Q3 Vettel’s Red Bull was ahead of Alonso’s Ferrari by 0.9 seconds. That much by just having soft tyres?

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None of the cars have the KERS button anymore, so they only have the engine’s power to get them along.
They can’t be any faster than anyone else, not by too much, it’s just the drivers that get them to that speed.

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I suspect Red bull are pushing the rules. Isnt that what the double diffuser guys did laast year and got themselves a championship.

I Am wondering if Adrian Newey is a little bit ahead of himself and that is why the car is unreliable.

As an Aussie I hope Red bull do very well but I have a feeling their need to close the gap on speed. I wont repeat that really old saying. I think you all know what it is.

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redbull are really fast this year. and i think they are even more better than last year. but the race at bahrain are boring. i think it will be better if FIA just let the team be creatif with a limited budget. maybe the race will be much exiting with cars that have different abilities with each other.

but still, i hope the race at Melbourne will be much more exiting like what the FIA had plan.

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