Webber: Rosberg can outshine Schumi

Mark Webber believes that former Williams team-mate Nico Rosberg is capable of maintaining his early season advantage over the returning Michael Schumacher, despite Schumi’s previous record in Formula 1.

Rosberg, who partnered Webber for a single season at the Grove team in 2006, out-qualified and out-raced seven-time world champion Schumacher on the German’s much-hyped return to the top flight but, while many expect Schumi to gradually gain the upper hand, Webber is adamant that the status quo will remain in the younger man’s favour.

“I wouldn’t expect [Schumacher] to beat Nico, although I expect it to be close,” the Australian told journalists ahead of his home race this weekend, “Rosberg is competitive and I would say Schumacher is too, but I have never ever seen a phenomenal comeback. I think it will be a bloody hard season for [Schumacher].”

Observers point to Schumacher’s three-year absence from the top flight, in which time there was a fundamental shift in the regulations, and the 2010 changes that mandate narrower front tyres, as counting in Rosberg’s favour. And the son of 1982 world champion Keke is confident that he can at least match his illustrious team-mate, having been unexpectedly paired with him at the rebranded Mercedes GP Petronas squad this season.

“What I want is to be at eye-level with Michael,” he insisted to Germany’s <i>Bild</i>, “If I was to only draw my confidence from Michael’s statistics, then it would not be very good for me, but no one is perfect. There are certainly areas where I am strong, and I think that I can show a strong performance in Australia. I feel very comfortable in the car at the moment, [although] we still have some small problems that need resolving.”

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I’m not surprised that Rosberg can beat Schumi.


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Well, you know… Schumacher is 41 which is very old, though Nigel “Nige” Mansell also won {Australia 94′} when HE was 41. Also Nico is an extremely talented driver.

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I’m personally rooting for Nico..

Although the Hamilton v. Schumacher battle would be very interesting to see as well since they are both agressive drivers..

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will keep tracking the event… we will see..

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Age is relative: 41 may seem ‘very old’ from a kid’s perspective but my 90 year nan thinks he’s a youngster ;) Ok, 41 is getting on a bit in F1 terms but Scumacher is in much better shape than Mansell was when he won the F1 crown. The fact is, Schumacher is still fitter and faster than alot of professional drivers half his age PLUS he has all that experience which is absolutley priceless. I agree that Nico is a superb talent but don’t rule out Micheal matching his pace within a couple of races or thereabouts.

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Rosberg might have beaten Schumi in the first race, but give him some time.

By the end of the season I will gaurentee that Schumi will be in front of Rosberg, no doubt in my mind!

Schumacher Forever!

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Rosberg only beat Schumi by a 0.050 in quali so I reckon his race performance should be close or even better if he can make up places at the start and it should stick to the end seen as how f1 is at the moment.

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