Button wins Australian GP

Jenson Button took a second successive Australian Grand Prix victory in a dramatic race at Albert Park that banished memories of the Bahrain dirge that opened the season.

The Briton was again helped by an incident involving Sebastian Vettel, who appeared on course to lead from lights to flag before brake failure intervened mid-race, but also vindicated an early switch back to slicks after the entire field was forced onto intermediate Bridgestones by a pre-race rain shower.

Button made a mistake on his out-lap following the change, but was ideally placed to gain places as the majority of the pack pitted next time around. When Red Bull delayed the stops for both Vettel and Mark Webber, Button vaulted into second spot and then inherited the lead when the German was pitched into the gravel by what he claimed was left front brake failure.

The McLaren man, who had survived contact with Fernando Alonso at turn one, could have come under threat in the late stages, most notably from team-mate Lewis Hamilton, but the 2008 world champion opted for a second tyre stop on lap 34 when lying a competitive third, and dropped back behind both Ferraris, neither of whom, like Button and second-placed Robert Kubica, planned to pit again.

The closing stages hinted at a barnstormer as the Ferraris lost grip but, when Hamilton radioed that he too was struggling with his tyres, the action became static, until a challenge on Alonso saw Webber clash with the Briton as he attempted to capitalise. The home favourite lost his front wing in the collision, capping a fraught race, but still managing to salvage a couple of points in ninth.

The incident allowed Nico Rosberg into fifth, ahead of Hamilton, with Tonio Liuzzi, Rubens Barrichello and Michael Schumacher rounding out the points after the German was an unwitting victim of the Button/Alonso moment on lap one.

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What a great race. And we thought it was boring. Get us?

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Ok,was more exciting than Bahrain but that was mainly down to the rain, otherwise it would have been a boring procession again.Now,we just have to keep our fingers crossed that it rains every race!

Anyway,well done Button – good call with the early pitstop which won you the race.Hope we continue to get a different driver winning each race to keep things spiced-up :)

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Button drove brilliantly to show all people who wrongly wrote him off that he can win races and out qualify and perform his teammate.

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F1 racing as it was meant!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Brutal, hard, overtaking, crashes,….

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Here Here! I’m proud of Button, and I’m not even British.

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Ohh no complains now? i’m also worried about F1 cars getting slower every season, if it was up to me i’d keep the 5 fastest teams with 3 cars each and make them all V10 twin turbo with no regulations on aerodynamic developments… but all that’s to expensive, and if bankers and americans would’ve kept their credit cards in their pockets, i wouldnt see a reason why anyone would even mention putting limit on the teams budgets… but it is what it is, and if making it more exiting means placing a limit on the budget so smaller teams can join, then i get it… but still as a huge F1 fan, i’ve noticed how even with all these limitations and with bigger, heavier F1 cars, vettel was still able to set the fastest time on albert park during the Qualifying… so there still hope… and banning fuel stops was not a really bad idea, look at it this way, red bull uses less fuel then the ferrari, so they start the race lighter, but ferrari takes better care of the tires and as they use up the fuel they catch up, and mclaren is somewhere in between together with mercs… right there you have over 6 drivers who can make anything happened, you have Michael… legend speaks for itself, Alonso… Awesome display of talent and experience (if not ask lewis why he wasnt able to overtake him even though he was 1.6 sec faster on the last stint), Lewis… talent, speed, and brilliant when it comes to overtaking, i mean this guy black! he’s got to have big b0lls, Button who’s consistent and makes good calls every other day, this race proves my point, and these are the champs, then comes those who are very promising like Vettel, Nico, Massa (although not a big fan)… with these guys on the grid, i dont see how this year can be boring specially when their cars are both very similar in pace yet all have a different strong point… i think this year will be legendary so opnurfrkneyes and dont miss a sec!!!

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HAHAHAHA Only 7 (including this one) comments on what was probably the best race in years!!

The article below this one, about Lewis getting done for his road manners has 123 so far, What the f@#k happened there?!?

@ OPENYOURF!@#INGEYES I totally agree, I think banning refuelling has in some way levelled the playing field and in many respects has allowed a lot of the middle teams to catch up with the bigger teams, P5 for Sutil, Alguaresuari’s first points in Malaysia and I’d say many more surprises in between now and Abu Dhabi. As the name suggests I’m a fan of Fernando and if ever Lewis needs some reminding of how hard it is to get by him when points count, he should cast his mind back to Imola 2005 when Schumi couldn’t get by with a faster car (don’t worry I’m not forgetting about Imola 2006 where the tables were turned).

Just want to finish up by saying; ‘If you want to make dried up boring things fun again “just add water” ‘.

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