Vettel to join Ferrari?

Sebastian Vettel has conceded that he would love to drive for Ferrari one day – and that it would be difficult to reject the Maranello-based outfit, if they came knocking.

Vettel is currently one of F1’s hottest properties, and looked set to win both the F1 2010 opener in Bahrain and the Australian Grand Prix last weekend, until mechanical gremlins intervened.

Although the German is under contract with Red Bull Racing – having inked a new deal at the end of August last year that will see him stay with the Milton Keynes-based outfit until at least the end of 2011, he added that the allure of racing for the Prancing Horse was something few drivers could resist.

“Right now I feel super-comfortable with Red Bull,” he told German news agency, SID. “[But] the Ferrari legend speaks for itself.

“I think for every driver, it would be something special to go there, but for me I still have a few years in front of me.”

Vettel meanwhile was extremely frustrated at the end of Sunday’s race at Albert Park: “It is massively infuriating and in my mind I’m using the ‘s’ word,” he continued in an interview with the official F1 website.

“To be honest, at this very moment I would like nothing more but to go home – but life goes on. It gives a certain satisfaction to know that from my side I couldn’t have made anything different or better and I think until the moment when the trouble started we’d done a great job.

“We have a very fast car – that is a fact. We just have to make sure that we see the chequered flag [in Malaysia next weekend]. It is only the second race so there is no need to get too nervous. We just have to see that we have a good car at hand for the second half of the season.”

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I think he will become a very good racingdriver
But there are 2 strong drivers at Maranello`s as well. Maybe in a couple of years he`ll be ready

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He may change his tune when Red Bull is on top for the next few years.

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Comparison with Alonso would be very interesting.

I’m covinced that the best four drivers are:
Alonso, Kubica, Hamilton, Vettel

Each of theme deserve ferrari seat.

It’s difficult to say which of them would fit in most comfortably (which would be the best driver of arguably the best team)

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I think Vettel Should go for Mclaren instead because it would mean He could kick som ferraris

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It depends how the Red Bull, or “Lucious Liz” as he calls it performs. If the car is unrealiable of off the pace then he may start looking elseware.

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Remember though Jenson Button. The BAR or the Honda wasn’t always the best car, but he remained loyal. He stayed there for 6 seasons. Then came 2009…

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Vettel become a very good racing driver. I think he is allready there.. Become better.. Then put him in slower cars otherwise we will be back to one driver winning everything and a snooze fest for another 5 years…looks like Mercedes is his new home, if he decides to leave red bull that is…


Hamilton isn’t professional enough for ferrari.(giving out about the team in public, aus 2010 and also the dishonesty in aus in 2009) Rosberg would be a better bet…

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interesting post…

I also see Vettel being the number #1 driver already. In his first season he made mistakes but was already bloody fast. Last season he made very few mistakes plus the unreliable but Red Bull cost him the championship.

He is beating now Webber every time – the world´s best qualifier hands down – before Vettel came along

Nobody in the field can bring everything together in a qualifying round with just one try – did anybody notice that? He did it already the whole last season to save tires or engines

0 mistakes this season and dominating the first 2 races which he would have won easily.

He must scary to the rest of the drivers – he is just 22.

…yes he is also pays tribute to the Ferrari myths – like many others

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Bring back kimi RBR!!!!1

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Vettel is a complete c#nt****

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they should be good together im looking forward to seeing them
which is if he stays!

but why don’t stig join he could whip um all

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I don’t imagine that Ferrari will have a spot available for 2012, but stranger things have happened (Kimi). I can’t imagine Red Bull letting him go.

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