F1 drivers are ‘prima donnas’

Ron Walker, the chairman of the Australian Grand Prix, has hit out at ‘prima donnas’ in F1 after a number of drivers complained about visibility during this year’s race.

The start of the race had been moved to make it more suitable for a European audience, which left the Albert Park event to run into the Melbourne evening.

That led to some drivers complaining about visibility around the street circuit in the closing stages of the race, with seven-time title winner Michael Schumacher revealing that the FIA had measured light levels at the event and are set to make changes for 2011.

However, Walker hit out at the comments made by drivers and insisted that there was nothing wrong with the start time. He also accused some F1 stars of being ‘prima donnas’

“It’s clearly not dangerous,” he told the Herald Sun. “You can’t please these drivers. They are a bunch of lazy people who won’t do anything to help the sport, except for two or three.

“A lot of drivers are prima donnas. They are never happy.”

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