Button: this is my best victory

Jenson Button has hailed his Chinese GP triumph as ‘extremely special’, after he overcame the tough and changeable conditions to come out top in his McLaren.

Button won the race – just like in Australia last month – thanks to another canny call on tyres, which helped pave the way for his second win of the season, a result that puts him top in the drivers’ championship with 60 points.

Although Button lost a lot of his hard-earned advantage following the second safety car period, which bunched up the pack, he managed to hold off team-mate Lewis Hamilton, despite a scare near the end when he went wide at turn 14 on near bold intermediate tyres. He eventually took P1 by 1.5 seconds.

“This was my best victory in F1. Every race you win becomes your best, but this was an extremely special win in very tough conditions,” said Button. “And it’s especially satisfying because it was a really dominant victory for the whole team.

“We scored a one-two, and the reason we did so was that every single element within the team worked perfectly. From the strategy calls to the pitstops, you need to get everything just right if you’re going to win in conditions like these. And we did indeed get everything just right.

“It’s not luck that brought us out on top today. We made the right decisions – the guys on the pitwall and back in Woking made the calls brilliantly, and I couldn’t have asked for better support.”

McLaren boss Martin Whitmarsh meanwhile was delighted to see Button and Hamilton come home 1-2, a result that moves the Woking-based outfit to the top of the constructors’ championship – 19 points up on arch rivals Ferrari.

“The race was seriously challenging for drivers and teams alike. The strategy was very tricky to call correctly, but in the end we probably selected two different strategies that suited Jenson and Lewis very well,” said Whitmarsh.

“Jenson drove like the world champion that he is to record a truly brilliant win in extremely testing conditions. You won’t see many better drives than that, I can tell you – he was very, very impressive.”

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Button’s driving has been sublime so far, he’s deserved everything he’s got this season. Although it does annoy me that there is always something wrong with his car. Tyre pressures, downforce, whatever, he always finds something to say even when he wins.

Alonso was a warrior once again with a Ferrari that isn’t as quick as the McLarens or the Red Bulls; I really do love watching him drive.

Rosberg deserves some greater credit I think. Even last year, when he was consistently finishing in solid points little was said about him. Is he one of the quicker guys? perhaps not, but he’s definitely one of the most consistent. Put him in a strong car and he’ll bag the results. Before any links with Button had been made, I was dying to see him at McLaren.

And Bruce, think t’was you who said about the McLarens at Monaco with the whole F-duct thing. Obviously it looks like the car’s forte is straight line speed, but as Brundle pointed out during the race on Sunday, the front end grip of the McLaren seems to be one of the best in the field, which should pay dividens on a slow track like Monte Carlo. It should be a great race to watch as usual (I’m one of the ones who could watch a ‘processional’ GP anytime at Monaco, just because of the spectacle of it) even just looking simply at the two McLarens. Buttons smoothness will have an even greater part to play, and Hamilton wrestling it through the narrow streets will be spectacular.

Obviously as a McLaren fan, pre-season Alonso was the guy who I was most worried about. And to be honest, that still stands today. When it falls for him, Fernancy in a Ferrari I fear could be simply unstoppable. Don’t know what it is about Red Bull, there’s just something that in my mind makes them seem like they just can’t reach the heights needed to be championship winners. Ferrari and McLaren and even Renault have proved they can make a car faster and faster throughout the season, but I’m unconvinced by Red Bull. Looking forward to being proved wrong though.

And Catalunya might throw another Bahrain our way I think. Despise that track.

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Yeah that Spanish race needs cancelling. I think there should be a rule whereby if a track produces two consecutive boring processional races then it should be removed from the F1 Calendar, and replaced by a track that would hopefully offer better racing. Spain, Bahrain, monaco, Hockenheim and Fuji etc would all be on very dangerous ground.

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I don’t think a week goes by without a “get rid of this track” spiel. That said Valencia would be a better one to give the flick, but given that I cant remember any memorable moments at catalunya I would not complain about it..

Was sitting on stand 8 at turn one with a bunch of Mclaren fans this weekend and despite being soaked had an awesome time. You get some real enthusiasts come out of the woodwork for the Asian races all of them up for a good yarn about f1. Even the crazy south african ferrari fans with the air horns (technically not allowed but us foriegners get away with stuff) were good value in a very quiet crowd. The radio commentary was hilarious though 3 minutes of Chinese commentary banging on about whatever shumi was doing then I think one of the ITV blokes was speaks for 30 sec with the stuff we actually needed to know!

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Wobbletastic said…
Spain, Bahrain, monaco, Hockenheim and Fuji etc would all be on very dangerous ground.

Err Do you mean Suzuka? Fuji was off the cards last year and will continue to be so as Toyota funded the race there. Ironically Suzuka is Honda’s Test track.

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Yeah, just on Hamilton vs Button in Monaco. Under these new rules I can’t see Hami doing well in Monaco. He’ll burn up his tyres to quick, come in for a pit stop and then be stuck in traffic for the rest of the race. Button will be able to stay out later giving him better track position. That’s assuming they don’t get quali sorted first..

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I have to say that was an brilliant race, and Jenson has done himself good! Well done to the guy :D

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