Has Schumi lost it?

Record-breaking multiple F1 world champion Michael Schumacher was a frustrated man at the end of the Chinese GP on Sunday, after only finishing tenth and scoring a single solitary point.

Schumacher, who had only qualified ninth, didn’t really get into the groove all afternoon and while he did run as high as fifth at one point, he was always trying to make up ground and freely admitted at the finish that it was a weekend to forget.

Indeed by the end his intermediate tyres were completely worn and he was powerless to hold off F1 2010 rookie Vitaly Petrov and Ferrari’s Felipe Massa, who managed to grab ninth on the final lap.

“It was one of those races that you do not want to remember, just like the whole weekend really. It was not good for me and not good from me,” said Schumacher. “You have to take it as another experience and accept it even if it is frustrating that I was not able to get my tyres together better.

“My strategy in that respect was not very impressive as in the last 10 laps my tyres were just gone and seemed to be more slicks than intermediates. I was one of those drivers who had gone onto the last set quite early and we should have done that differently and positioned the tyres better.

“In general I had some good and tight fights which was fun but with my last stop being probably too early, in the end I just couldn’t do anything and my fights were quite hopeless then. I am looking forward to going home now but let’s see if we manage to!”

Mercedes GP’s Norbert Haug and Ross Brawn meanwhile have both vowed to do all they can to help Schumacher adapt to the MGP W01, although with Nico Rosberg leading early on and eventually taking a podium for the second race on the trot, there can’t be that much wrong with the car.

“It was not a good race weekend for Michael unfortunately,” said Haug. “We will investigate what the problems were and I am convinced we will all see much stronger results from him rather sooner than later.”

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he is still one of the best… he needs time to adapt 3 years in f1 can ring alot of changes. once he’s settled in got a car hes happy with, he’ll be up there!

as for hamilton in his debut he got lucky with a car mostly tested and setup by alonso and team prefrence for him since ron dennis was in charge. now with martin its a diff story no more favouritism buttons beating him and hamiltons having little tantrums, any1 remember australia the radio transmission?

anyway i just wanted to say HONDA will always be no1, forget ferrari and mercedese and the rest! one of the best cars in f1? the honda mclaren senna drove! honda should never have left and today they would have been at the top again! i miss the japanese manufacturers.

honda please come back!

toyota should have let TRD to the job instead of the sill euro devision what are they called? tte?

i think f1 should allow diff types of engines… and jus restrict every1s power output all naturally aspirated of course… imagine if there was a rotary powered mazda in the field! it would be beautiful!

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I totally agree!! The Williams-Honda’s and the McLaren-Honda’s were the best ever!! And I loved the sound of the BAR-Honda’s, anyone who visited a racetrack during 2004-05-06 must remember the smooth driving Button with the screaming Honda in the back!
Since Mercedes is parting ways over the future with McLaren (stupidstupidstupid of Mercedes, guess that is why Haug is looking so bad nowadays) they should team up with Honda again!! Honda come back please!!

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you can’t loose it he is probebly the best driver ever he just needs time to get back into the swing of it, but if by the time we get to brazil he is still back in 10th maybe he has lost it.

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his car isnt suited to him … when he was last racing he could dictate what he wanted .. and got it …

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you people are stupid

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Schui is getting a new chassis for next race. I think we should start to see an improvement.

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No, he hasn’t lost “it”. Not much of “it”, anyway.

He has lost a team with sh*tload of money and the best engineers, both working solely for his benefit.

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don’t think he’s lost it… think the rest of the field has improved significantly since he retired… maybe with a more competitive car he might be able to pull it off… mercedes is getting a lot of development advice from him, i’m sure

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the thing to what i think is that ,
now a day’s michale has reduse his strategie to compete with others.

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no it’s just the cars have changed… give him a go….he’ll win a race this year mark my words

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Robertjulian – Schumi to win Beligum, Kimi not there anymore!!

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