Barcelona: on board with Vettel

With the knotty exception of the actually-turning-pole-positions-into-race-wins thingy, Red Bull does F1 better than anyone else.

As evidence, pray watch Sebastian Vettel’s slick guide to the Barcelona circuit. If you’ve ever wondered what Tron would have looked like if Bernie Eccelestone had directed, here’s your answer.

We also love the fact that Red Bull have put Mark Webber on translating duties. “Aww, mate. What Seb’s trying to say is, like, that corner is as cunning as a dunny rat with a bonzer, er… actually, it’s almost impossible to accurately translate that phrase from German.”

This raises the intriguing possibility of further in-team F1 translations. Massa helping out Alonso would be good: “Fernando says ‘for sure, for sure, for sure… thumbs up!’”

Oh, and what we’d have given to hear Lewis translating for Fernando when the Spaniard was at McLaren. “My team-mate would like to say that he enjoys the work of the Chuckle Brothers and has to sit down to urinate…”

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