Lewis ‘absolutely gutted’

Lewis Hamilton confirmed that a ‘failure on the left-front corner’ of his McLaren MP4-25 was too blame for his retirement on the penultimate lap of the Spanish GP.

Lewis, who had managed to jump Sebastian Vettel at the first pit-stops, and who was running comfortably second, saw his race come to an abrupt end when a suspected rim failure sent him into the turn three tyre barrier with less than two laps to go.

Although he escaped unharmed, it’s still a blow to his championship aspirations. In fact, it leaves him 21 points off team-mate Jenson Button, who remains top heading to Monte Carlo and who finished fifth in Barcelona.

“Today, I was looking good to split the Red Bulls, and it would have been perfect for us in both world championships if I could have finished second this afternoon,” said Hamilton. “I was just nursing the car to the finish line, then I suddenly felt the steering go, and then there was immediately a failure on the left-front corner.

“I didn’t sense anything odd before the accident – the car was feeling great – so that’s why it was such a surprise. We don’t know what went wrong, but we’ll take everything back to the McLaren Technology Centre and work to find out.”

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What was that for?

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I am glad to see Hamilton finally gets penalized in the karma department after all his crying and dangerous actions this season. I am new to F-1 and I can honestly say if there were more Hamilton-types than Button-types in F-1, I would not be watching for long. F-1 should be gentlemenly, not like the hilbillies in NASCAR that are paid to crash into each other and create drama. The beauty of F-1 is that the cars and the tracks create the drama–not the drivers. If they were just running in a circle like NASCAR, I guess you would need all those Hamilton-types to fill the soap-opera need of the viewers.

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I love Lewis Hamilton, he has the same tenacity and never-say-die attitude that Senna and Schumi are famous for. And he is an overtaking genius. Long Live Hamilton!!! If there are a few tyres going to burst on the way, so be it!

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Hamilton has talent and nerve, but makes too many mistakes like this one. Clearly with the current rules in F1, he should have been saving the car since they only get so many engines per season and each gearbox has to last 4 races. He’s fast, and I enjoy watching him when he’s pushing it – that’s part of the show – but he needs to use his head once in a while. The person above who listed China, Hungary and Turkey was spot-on. I think Vettel is the one to watch this year.

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