Webber: ‘I’m stoked’

Red Bull’s Mark Webber was ‘stoked’ after taking his first win of the season today at Barcelona’s Circuit de Catalunya, but admitted it felt like the longest grand prix he had ever raced.

Webber led the Spanish GP from start-to-finish and was never really troubled after he held on to P1 into the first corner.

He then pulled away and eventually took the laurels by 24 seconds. It was the third win of his F1 career, and unlike his triumphs last season at the Nurburgring and Interlagos, it was a pretty straightforward affair.

“Today was a special day, no doubt about it and I’m very happy to capitalise on the pole position,” Webber said. “It’s an aggressive run in to turn one with the slip stream and the big head wind and I knew the guys would be arriving in the braking zone, so I needed to be very precise with everything into there. I had that covered and then settled into the race.

“I was very happy with how the first stint went and I had a nice clean pit stop. Everything went my way today, it was very good. It felt like the longest grand prix I’ve ever done, though! With the other victories there has been a bit more going on as I wasn’t always in the lead, but today was all about watching the lap board go down and my god, it just takes forever!

“It was so good to get the victory, I’m just stoked, absolutely over the moon. We had a good set up and the car felt good. It’s a credit to all the guys, they worked like hell both in the garage and in the factory, they buried themselves in the last two weeks.”

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does anyone else think Webber looks a bit camp in that photo at top of article, lol.

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J4KE H4M said…
“that was a brill race. ‘Stoked’? is that an Aussie term? Poor Hamilton!!! he’s been plauged with bad luck all season!
Glad 2 see Micheal Stgmachet doing well though.”

Yep as an Aussie I can attest
Stoked: Term for being absolutely delighted commonly used in Australia and (apparently) California. From the term a stoked fire (ie its burning well).

I hope Hamilton hasn’t inherited Webber legendary bad luck.

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#25. defend a position is ok but indicate that you will rather crash than give up a 5th place comes across a bit sad and frustrated to me for a guy with such an heritage. Prefer the Buttons and the Webbers; gentlemen racers.

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Bruce, I’m an Aussie, and you’re full of sh*t. Webber might get a bit of mention in the Australian media, but in the world F1 media, he is an underdog, even when he is driving a redbull. If you doubt me, go read the qualifying article and count how many posts had people writing Webber off, either for his ability or RBR’s unreliability.

Secondly, in an event where there is one Australian competing, aussies usually barrack for them, regardless if they the underdog or not, because its the patriotic thing to do. The only instance I can think of where that doesn’t happen is the aussie cricket team, but thats because they win so damn often you want the opposition to win just for something different.

With that much self hate, you should be a pom.

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Yeah Bruce, I just hate Aussie sportsmen. Those Netballers though..
You should know, but clearly you don’t.

Tom wins that round.

I should know, I am an Aussie.

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No self hate here.

Webber is a quality driver now. Before he was, the aussie media would twist the events so he was not at fault. Could have been a channel 9 thing. I like him better now. Yes he is the underdog in the World F1 media. Which are the stories we like.

Cricket who cares. Swimming only the media cares about, and tells us it is important because of the olympics and the commonwealth games. Union we are not too fazed about unless we are playing the All Blacks or the South Africans. Tennis who cares. Golf who cares.

Netball we like because it is females in short-skirts destroying their ankles. Soccer don’t mind so much. And we like our Motor-sports-people because they are all pretty much underdogs in the world media.

So I may have partially contridicted myself, but it depends on the sport. So it stands to reason. The more local media hypes the sportsmen, the less we care about them. Less hype, the more we like them.

Americans are patriotic. Aussies are not patriotics because we have freedom of choice. So Tom. Do you salute the Red, White and Blue. Or do you exercise choice like a real Aussie should regardless of media hype?

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u suck

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bruce u suck tom is 1000% right u should be a pom webber is a ledgend and for u to have a go at a aussie team and then call ur self aussie in the same breath you couldnt be futher from it

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