Vettel: I did nothing wrong

Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel missed out on scoring good points in Turkey today when he clashed with team-mate Mark Webber.

The incident occurred just 18 laps from the chequered flag, when Vettel tried to pass his rival and take the lead. He went for it on the run into turn 12, but having got alongside the Aussie, Vettel cut in too soon and his right-rear wheel touched the inside left of its twin.

“If you watch it on the TV, you can see what happened. I’m not in the happiest of moods,” Vettel explained. “I was on the inside going into the corner. I was there, I was ahead and focusing on the braking point and then we touched. Mark’s car hit my rear right wheel and I went off – there’s not much more to say.”

“We were all on the same pace during the race. I think I was a bit quicker than Mark for two or three laps. I was catching him and thought I could get him on the back straight. I was very close and passed him on the left, that’s the story.

Team boss Christian Horner was gutted to see his two drivers’ collide and throw away an almost certain 1-2 maximum. Speaking after the race he said both of his pilots were at fault for not giving each other enough room.

“The one thing I always ask the drivers is that, yes, they can race each other, but give each other room, and that’s exactly what didn’t happen. They were too far over on the left, Sebastian got a run on the inside of Mark, but then came across too early. They didn’t give each other room; it’s as simple as that.”

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yes, webber should hav given him room, but vettel shouldnt hav gone over sooooo quickly!!!!!!
he went over when only his front wheels had passed webbers!!!!!!!!1
my grandma knows not to merge when your not past the other driver. simple stupidity!!!!

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Vettel shouldn’t have tried to scare Webber by jinking towards him; he tried the same thing with hamilton. Happily Vettel took himself out when he tried the same trick against his own teammate. Maybe in future he will have more respect.

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I am not concerned with Vettel saying he didn’t do anything wrong. He did what any driver would do, just maybe a little too much.

What I find amazing is…

“Mark’s car hit my rear right wheel…”

No, you put your right rear wheel into his sidepod. Webber pulled out and then drove straight until you hit him. If you had held your line into the corner, then it would have been on Webber’s shoulders not to turn into you.

But Vettel is the darling of Red Bull, so nothing will be said that paints him in a bad light, or damages his fragile ego. Webber won’t be with the team next year and he will be replaced with someone who cannot match Vettel’s pace. Vettel is indeed the new Schumi, with all the bad parts as well as the good.

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Vettel needs the smirk wiping of his smug face before he turns into a total twat like Schumacher did. Can anyone remember him actually making a proper competitive overtake? He seems only able to win from the front or crash under pressure.

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As far as i’m concerned its vettel’s fault. I’m not exactly a vettel fan but from watching the incident several times over its quite clear that Mark left enough room for vettel. He may be his team mate but he has no obligation to make it easy for him, it is after all, racing.

What happened was vettel expected it to be made easy for him and tried to force mark out to right ever so slightly, just as schumacher had attempted on button, in order to get a better line into the corner. Except unlike button, mark held his ground which may have been a mistake but we all know how hard it is to see directly to the side of you in an F1 car especially when your coming up to a corner at 190mph…

Vettel should have had the sense to back off ever so slightly, sure hamilton was close but 3rd would have been better than a DNF. Still 20/20 hindsight and all that…

Heres to hoping they can resolve this as i really dont want to see mark pushed out of the team. He deserves a title more than anyone currently racing that i can think of at the moment, besides barichello.

If it isn’t resolved mark will probably be waving his race seat goodbye, because much like the Hamilton/Alonso battle in 2007 Vettel is Christian Horners golden boy, he won’t let him go even if it means losing mark, which would be a shame really

Anyways, heres looking forward to Canada, usually makes for a pretty interesting race. Lets just hope they have resurfaced it so it no longer looks like it was plowed

Cheers, Steve

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these guys are racers…if a driver just content staying behind his team mate….better do a another job then ! and I won’t watch F1 anymore in that case…
Im not German or aussie….but Vettel managed to put his car nose in front of the other car,thus he had the racing line as he was in front..very simple.
This is just a racing both didn’t give much room to each other.

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How can he distingush between a racing car and a Panzer…Clone of the Nazi Schumacher.

He is obvioulsy the chosen one in the team Webber sorry cobber your the new Eddie Irvine,Rubens barrichello or even Massa.

Welcome to the cheap seats

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Hi guys.
Just wanted to say that Vettel is a prick. Good job to Webber. Even if Vettel had more speed, that doesn’t mean Webber has to give him position. that was a race -as someone well pointed out- and if Vettel wanted to pass, he should’ve done it clean.
Also, how come Webber was lower on fuel? Weren’t both on same strategy?
I hope RedBull are going to let them race from now on.
100% Vettel’s fault.

Also, the call for Button to conserve fuel is ridiculous. Hamilton is the one who usually drives aggresive and wears tyres and fuel. How come Button got to be “critical” on fuel? After the pass/repass on Hamilton, it was obvious that McLaren had put a stop on any attacks on Hamilton with that team communication for Button.
Shame on McLaren for that!!!

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Maybe I am being biased Being british living in Australia but from my opinion Vettel is a typical arrogant German twat who thinks everything should be handed to him on a platter, They were racing and Webber was under no obligation to yield, Stop calling Vettel the new Schumi or his head will only get bigger

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Another point of view
Think Vettel = ME109
Think Webber = Spitfire
Me 109 is shot down by the Spitfire gets home but is damaged,they where lucky to able to go out again.
Where was the RED BARRON??????

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