Ferrari: in the wrong?

“Fernando is faster than you. Can you confirm you understand?”

Those were the words Felipe Massa heard from his engineer Rob Smedley, moments before Fernando Alonso passed his Brazilian teammate to take victory at Hockenheim yesterday.

It was the biggest talking point of the race, and an incident for which Ferrari were fined $100,000, despite both drivers denying that team orders were given.

Ferrari’s actions have been widely condemned, with BBC pundit Eddie Jordan calling for both drivers to be disqualified from the race.

“It was unlawful and was theft,” Jordan told the BBC. “They stole from us the chance of having a wheel-to-wheel contest between the drivers.

“Ferrari should be ashamed. This was a team order. For me, it is cheating and these two cars should be excluded.”

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner was similarly disappointed by Ferrari’s decision.

“That was probably the clearest team order I’ve ever seen, especially when you’ve got the team apologising to the driver [Massa],” Horner said. “It’s wrong for the sport. The drivers should have been allowed to race.”

However, Martin Brundle admitted in commentary that if he was Ferrari boss Stefano Domenicali, he would have made the same call.

So let’s throw it out there for a good old-fashioned argument. Anyone want to stick up for Ferrari? Yes, team orders are banned, so they’ve been rightly punished for breaking the rules – but F1 is a team sport, so shouldn’t the team be allowed to dictate strategy? Or are they just a bunch of cheaty cheating cheats?

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I wouldnt like to take the team order rule to a judge. Lets face it the clever men with the curly wigs would easily deffened it. Massa was told his team mate was faster did he understand the message so did that mean put your foot down and beat him or the boss says get out of his way there is a doubt and therefore not proven. Maybe next tiem the message should be Massa look at the main grand stand 4th row realy nice lady with a massa t shirt on give her a wave next time round

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I think everyone forgets just how quickly 7/10ths of a second can go by, The pass was good, Alonso was faster, I think it takes us about 7/10ths of a second to blink, or for the brain to tell the foot to press on the gas pedal. Team orders? BAH!!!

7/10ths?¿?, Team orders aren’t possible in 7/10ths of a second!!!

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Hey..thsi was for the best for the championship, can Massa catch Alonzo?…dont think so…Alonzo has a better chance of winning the championship than Massa, All it was asked, was that if Massa can confirm that Alonzo was faster than him, where did anyone hear “move over” or “Let Alonzo thru”…cuz i sure didnt!

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Without reading any of the comments here and taking the serious risk of repeating someone I must say: the order was for an individual pilot not the team. If they finished on the positions they had in that time of the race the “scuderia” would achieve exactly the same points. Now the pilots wouldn’t (and didn’t…)! And that’s the way that Ferrari interfered and stolen the truth of the race. It manipulated the results of two individual pilots when it would’n make any difference for the team in the terms of point achieved.

PS: meanwhile I read here something about 7/10ths of a second, the time we take to blink, the pass was good, etc… well, when you don’t want to see it you, don’t…

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it was wrong ot spoils the race cause it is race fixing we want a fair race not a fixed race

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Ok jenson, fuel mix 8 its critical.

Thats the message jenson got from mclaren, about a lap after Jenson had a go at lewis, in which lewis asked his engineer if he slows down, will jenson pass him. his engineer said Jenson would not overtake him.

Thats team orders. Its on the formula 1 race edit of turkey. Guess theres too many contradicts in this world.

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