Lauda lays into ‘stupid’ Ferrari

F1 legend Niki Lauda has hit out at Ferrari for imposing team orders during the German GP at Hockenheim.

Ferrari instructed Felipe Massa cede position to Fernando Alonso on lap 49, giving the Spaniard his second win of the year and denying Massa victory on the first anniversary of his accident in Hungary.

“This was the most stupid thing I have ever seen from Ferrari,” said Lauda. “Why did they do it? They did not need to because the Championship is alive for another eight races.

“Why could Massa not have a chance to win, a year since he had the accident that could have cost his life?”

The Austrian also attacked Alonso for the manner in which he dealt with the press in the immediate aftermath of the race – when he denied that team orders had been used.

“I’ve never heard a driver talk such bull****,” he said. “He has no character.”

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