Alonso is ‘highest paid F1 driver’

The annual list of F1 salaries has been published, with two world champions topping the list and a driver who is not even competing on the grand prix grid this year coming in at third place.

The report – published by Spanish newspaper El Mundo and citing information compiled by Business Book GP – reveals that Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso is on a retainer of some £30 million, supplemented by his external endorsements.

That’s almost twice the salary of Lewis Hamilton, whose £16m pay packet is virtually identical to the amount received by WRC convert Kimi Raikkonen, as the Finn continues to benefit handsomely from his early Ferrari pay-off.

Next up is Felipe Massa on £14m, with defending F1 champ Jenson Button fifth on £9m, just ahead of Michael Schumacher (£8m).

A significant surprise, if the findings are accurate, is that Williams’ ultra-experienced veteran Rubens Barrichello is on more money (£5.5m) than either current world championship leader Mark Webber or Sebastian Vettel. The Australian, perhaps similarly unexpectedly, receives more than the German (£4.2m to £2m) – although both are understood to be on substantial bonus agreements for every victory notched up.

The figures make Ferrari comfortably the highest spenders of the year in terms of driver expense, with or without Raikkonen taken into consideration, as the full list below shows.


1. Fernando Alonso Ferrari £30m

2. Lewis Hamilton McLaren £16m

3. Kimi Raikkonen Ferrari £16m

4. Felipe Massa Ferrari £14m

5. Jenson Button McLaren £9m

6. Michael Schumacher Mercedes £8m

7. Nico Rosberg Mercedes £8m

8. Robert Kubica Renault £7.5m

9. Rubens Barrichello Williams £5.5m

10. Mark Webber Red Bull £4.2m

11. Jarno Trulli Lotus £3m

12. Sebastian Vettel Red Bull £2m

13. Heikki Kovalainen Lotus £2m

14. Timo Glock Virgin £1m

15. Nico Hülkenberg Williams £700,000

16. Pedro de la Rosa Sauber £500,000

17. Kamui Kobayashi Sauber £500,000

18. Vitaly Petrov Renault £400,000

19. Jaime Alguersuari Scuderia Toro Rosso £400,000

20. Sébastien Buemi Scuderia Toro Rosso £400,000

21. Adrian Sutil Force India £200,000

22. Vitantonio Liuzzi Force India £200,000

23. Lucas Di Grassi Virgin £200,000

24. Bruno Senna Hispania Racing £150,000

25. Karun Chandhok Hispania Racing £Nil

26. Sakon Yamamoto Hispania Racing £Nil


1. Ferrari £60m

2. McLaren £25m

3. Mercedes £16m

4. Renault £7.9m

5. Red Bull £6.2m

6. Williams £6.2m

7. Lotus £5m

8. Virgin £1.2m

9. Sauber £1m

10. Scuderia Toro Rosso £800,000

11. Force India £400,000

12. Hispania Racing £150,000

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To ALL those Fernando hating jealous and above all STUPID commentators. The reason that Alonso gets paid so well is because, get ready for this because it may be a suprise to you, he is SUCCESSFUL, in fact the 2nd most sucessful driver on the grid to date.

He earns his wage because he is a team leader (unlike Screwball Scramilton who criticises the team for every bad weekend. Win as a team, lose as a team? Not with THAT guy), he gets an inferior machine up to places on the grid it shouldn’t be, he is able to attack from ANYWHERE on the grid and likewise defend like his life depeneded on it.

All in all Alonso is the COMPLETE package that a Formula One driver should be. I reckon those who hate him only watch F1 because of Lewis Hamilton, not that I begrudge him that. He has a right to be there along with the 23 other drivers on the grid, but because of the sudden influx of morons who probably don’t even know or even care of F1’s past. In other words not true Formula One fans.

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Who put that list together?? Webber earning twice what Vettel is paid??? you guys must have rocks in your head, Vettel makes about 16 mil Euro while Webber gets around 4 mil Euros.

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