Video: DC and Brundle – the BBC’s new F1 commentary team – answer your questions

Here you go then. As promised, caught up with Martin Brundle and David Coulthard this week in a regulation grey-walled BBC office round the corner from Top Gear HQ. And having corralled the hive mind of this website’s readers, we put all your best questions to them.

Startling revelations abound. DC loves caravans. A lot. They both adore Eddie Jordan. We find out who has the best chance of winning this year’s championship. And the two professionals lift the lid on the driving abilities of Jeremy, James and Richard. The two part interview is below:

Following a strict shortlisting process, well done to A Davis, Bill G, James, Billy Bob, Safwan Batan, Nemesis Child, Luke, Joe, Vijay and Death Star 3000 who got your questions answered, and many thanks to you all for your suggestions.

We’ll have more from the rest of the BBC team in our F1 preview as the start of the season draws near, including chats with Jake Humphrey, Lee McKenzie, Ted Kravitz and Ant Davidson.

Look out for that, and in the meantime let us know below: who’s going to win the championship in 2011?

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