Video: Jake Humphrey and co preview F1 2011

OK, it’s two weeks late due to unexpected events in Bahrain, and it’s going to have a tough time beating last year’s shenanigans. But finally, this year’s F1 season is upon us.

And so, in a gift to all TopGear.commers, we popped across the hall to visit our colleagues at BBC Sport and asked them to preview the coming season just for you.

Watch the video below to see what Jake Humphrey, Anthony Davidson, Lee McKenzie and Ted Kravitz are predicting for 2011, their highlights from last year, and exactly how they plan on dealing with a rested and invigorated Eddie Jordan… also put some of your questions to the new commentary team Martin Brundle and David Coulthard a few weeks back. If you missed the interview, you can watch it right here.

And while we ramp up to Friday’s practice in Melbourne, here’s some other stuff that’s been happening…

Australian GP to be axed?
With just days to go before the start of this year’s F1 season, Bernie Ecclestone has hinted at the Australian GP making way for another country.

We are probably going to have to drop two races to fit in Austin and Russia,he told The Express. Australia are saying they don’t want a race. If Australia want to go, they can go.

He also reckons there should be fewer teams in F1, telling Spanish newspaper Mundo Deportivo that  12 teams is too much… 10 is enough.

Kubica on crutches ‘in a few weeks’
Injured Lotus-Renault GP driver Robert Kubica – who severely damaged his right forearm in a rally accident earlier this year – could be walking around on crutches within the next few weeks, according to doctors.

Here’s the ‘get-well’ video that assorted F1 drivers recorded for the Pole last month.

McLaren banking on big changes
McLaren is hoping ‘dramatic changes’ made to the MP4-26 will make it more than a second faster after it was recorded as the least reliable car of pre-season. The Woking team’s 2011 contender has covered the lowest distance during testing, less than half completed by Ferrari.

The changes include a completely redesigned floor and exhaust system. “It isn’t a fundamentally bad car,” explains team principal Martin Whitmarsh, “but we need to unlock its exhaust blowing potential.”

Hamilton: Red Bull just ‘a drinks company’
McLaren ace Lewis Hamilton has branded Red Bull just “a drinks company”, saying: “For many, many years it has been McLaren and Ferrari at the front. It’s a drinks company versus McLaren/Ferrari history.”

But despite his car’s poor performance, Hamilton said: “I’m ready, and when the car is ready I will be at the front and I will win races”.

Webber hints at staying in F1 beyond 2011
Red Bull driver Mark Webber has revealed that he is no mood to hang up his helmet come the end of the season.

The 34-year-old – who remains on a year-to-year contract – said: “I could see myself doing this a bit longer, I’m really hungry for it again.”

Pirelli reveals new tyre markings
And in the one you’ve all been waiting for, this year’s new tyre supplier Pirelli has revealed its colour codes for the season:

Wet: orange
Intermediate: light blue
Supersoft: red
Soft: yellow
Medium: white
Hard: silver

See you on Friday!

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Yep, got my monitors set up, and energy drinks ready for 3am.

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bring it on

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i can’t wait

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Do we really need to start with Bahrain anyway? It’s a good race, but it’s just not an opener…

Could they not have moved the whole calender up a week or 2? Furthermore, we have like, a month between Budapest and Belgium!! What is the point of the mid season break.
Also, go to the official F1 website, look at the map of where they go, was the route around the globe decided by James May?!?!?
Instead of putting tiny turbo engines in future seasons, they could stop double backing on themselves and jumping across continents in what is only sometimes the correct direction! Imagine all the CO2 that could be saved by going in one direction around the world!

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12 teams too much my ass? More cars on the grid is better and all bernie wants to do is get rid of the classic tracks that are great for racing and go to tracks that are terrible for racing. Australian GP should be brilliant

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Bernie has become a real snob. the fact he wont come to the Australian GP is sad. our massively retarded state premier is also a wank for saying one minute he wants to axe it, and the next that we need it, doesnt help the situation. stupid so called Liberals (VERY conservative)
i will be there sunday!! and anjoying it. really looking forward to the whole thing, lots of changes, new cars etc. and yeh, 12 teams is kinda NOT ENOUGH, not “too many” gives a better race, and allows for harder competition. some of the top most ranked drivers have it easy as it is, why make it even easier for them?

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Lee McKenzie. Yes. <3 Well worth the lack of sleep haha

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You do realize that the Australian F1 has not been in Adelaide for many years…

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Jake -terrible eddie impression, but fair doos for trying.
Agree with those who say about that they can reduce co2 etc by not jumping from brazil to england to abu dhabi to spain etc.

CANT WAIT!!!!!!!! (but will have to wait 4 repeats at lunchtimes)

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Cant wait got up at 1:30 to watch first practice and then again at five them went to school. Cant wait till tomorrow going to be a classic season again, hopefully with McLaren up front!

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Lee McKenzie is HOT!!!!!!

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no one said vettel would win the championship? strange, he makes less mistakes than hamilton and is amazing behind the wheel, is this a british favoritism thing going on?

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