Vettel claims Australian GP pole

Sebastian Vettel claimed pole position for the Australian Grand Prix in dominant fashion, blitzing the McLarens and Red Bull team-mate Mark Webber in the process.

After Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button set the early benchmark, Vettel produced a lap of 1min 23.529secs to put the issue beyond doubt, lapping almost a second clear of the 2008 world champion. To underline his position at the front, when Webber crossed the line on his first flying lap, he was fully eight-tenths off the pace, albeit in second place.

Vettel’s subsequent attempts failed to lower the target time, but it was always out of reach, even though Hamilton improved to second – despite a KERS failure – denying Red Bull Racing a 1-2 lock-out on the grid. Webber survived a late assault from Button to give the first two rows a symmetrical look, while Fernando Alonso had to make do with fifth, despite his split times suggesting better was on the cards for Ferrari.

Vitaly Petrov ensured that Renault had a representative in the top 10, his sixth spot highlighting the disappointing performance of team-mate Nick Heidfeld, while Nico Rosberg, Felipe Massa, Kamui Kobayashi and Sebastien Buemi rounded out the top 10. Massa’s woeful session continued with a turn one spin that all but ended his chances of improving on eighth, while Kobayashi was unable to repeat his earlier performances as the pace hotted up.

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At first I was extremely impressed with Vettel’s perfomance, however after seeing how much the front of the RB7 is flexing, I’m not so impressed anymore.

Take a look at at the link below. It’s in spanish, but you only need to look at the pics and the nose of Vettel’s car in the on-board video from his lap to see the cheating from the “drinks company”.

Here’s the link:

http://blogs.mundodeporti 26/kylie-la-pervertida-be sa-el-suelo-de-melbourne/

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Massa was a mess while Kobayashi was awesome.

Good job on Pirelli for adding that all important ingredient of unpredictability and a lot of spice for some serious tactical thinking among the teams/pilots.

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@trujo : you must be an Alonso Fan :-)

I don’t see that the nose of Vettel car is “flexing like crazy”. Don’t be a bad loser….

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Well I hope the stig, err I mean Hamilton wins.

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@ trujo: the front wings do not seem to have the same distance from the ground…
@sports fan : I am no Alonso fan but you need glasses..
I still don’t think this was the cause…

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Seems to me to be a different wing set up rather than excessive flex. Besides the stewards are pretty sharp and RedBull are not fools. If they are pushing the boundary of the rules rest assured they will have some room to breath before any lines are crossed. In saying that I want to see Kobayashi win. That would be awesome as he is such an exciting driver.

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damn i welll hope he gets taken out in the GP

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@ trujo: Interesting link. couple of things though.

On the first pictures – what wdulno1 said, front wings not same distance from the ground. bad comparison.

Next pictures of the blown up view. – Looks to me like the picture on the left was taken when the car was going around a left hand corner and taking some kerb. This will make the wing on the other side hit the ground. The other was taken in the pits. I don’t think any conclusion can be taken from this…

On the video however, you can clearly see some flex in the front wing. It doesn’t seem to flex as much as it did last year though. If it can pass all the scrutiny it makes it perfectly legal. To say they are cheating is just plain wrong. They interpreted the rules and did a better job then anyone else. That’s why they are winning…

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there are many vettel haters, why is that? none of the reasons i read about are substantial or relevant.

the guy is quick, its not so much his car, look at webber in same car. remember what vettel did with bmw and str. both were uncompetitive and vettel did wonders with them.

the guy is sensationally quick and has proven himself against hamilton, he makes less mistakes than hamilton. proven, i have all the races from last two seasons saved and its a fact that vettel performs better than ham.

ham is great and fun to watch but if your going to be critical of vettel b/c your a hamilton fan boy; please bring good arguments.

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anyone remember vettels 2008 qualis where he would just do 1 hotlap and get the pole b/c he was out of engines. guy is amazing.

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