Vettel digs deep to claim pole in Malaysia


He might have had things all his own way in Melbourne, but F1 2011 World Championship leader Sebastian Vettel was made to dig deep to see off the McLaren-Mercedes threat and secure pole position at Sepang for this weekend’s Malaysian Grand Prix

For a while during qualifying for this weekend’s Malaysian Grand Prix, it looked as though McLaren-Mercedes might just pull off the unthinkable by crowning its spectacular early-season resurgence from a torrid winter’s testing by pipping Red Bull Racing to pole position – but F1 2011 World Championship leader Sebastian Vettel had other ideas.

Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button’s form during practice in Kuala Lumpur had hinted at an upset in the offing, and one was very nearly produced – but while it will be the same man at the front of the grid when the starting lights go out at Sepang, with barely three tenths of a second blanketing the Red Bull and McLaren quartet this time, F1 fans could just be set for a thriller tomorrow.

The opening salvo in Q3 saw Hamilton throw down the gauntlet with an extraordinary effort almost four tenths up on McLaren team-mate Button, with the Red Bulls of Vettel and Mark Webber splitting the pair and every other driver restricting themselves to just a single lap.

It all came down to the second lap, with Webber, Hamilton and Vettel each setting personal bests. Webber crossed the line first, but the Australian had lost time in the final two sectors, whilst Hamilton went and chipped a further two hundredths of a second off his own benchmark – but that was not enough to stave off the charging Vettel, who went a tenth quicker again to steal pole away from right under the Briton’s nose.

With Button staying fourth in the top teams’ ‘second tier’ duel, Fernando Alonso wound up a distant fifth as Ferrari remains all-at-sea with its off-the-pace F150° Italia. He finished almost a second away from the pole time and just ahead of Nick Heidfeld, who banished his Melbourne qualifying nightmare on his Lotus Renault GP debut with an excellent sixth place second time out. Respective team-mates Felipe Mass and Vitaly Petrov will sit alongside each other on row four, with Nico Rosberg and Kamui Kobayashi rounding out the top ten.

Having flirted with missing the cut in Q1, Webber was straight out onto the track in Q2 and straight onto the soft tyres to-boot, but whilst both he and team-mate Vettel were fast, Button was a damn site faster, blitzing the two Red Bulls and lapping significantly quicker than he had done at any stage of the weekend to-date to signal that it was very much game on in Kuala Lumpur.

As Ferrari and Mercedes struggled, Renault and Force India F1 chanced it by leaving it late before taking to the track – with Adrian Sutil, indeed, not taking to the track at all. On the softer rubber, Vitaly Petrov and Nick Heidfeld went for just a single run – meaning the pressure was on – but both delivered, popping into fourth and fifth places respectively, albeit more than a second adrift of the leading pace.

With Hamilton surprisingly in the drop zone with only two minutes to go, the 2008 world champion dug deep to vault into P2 right behind his team-mate – but further down the order there were cheers and tears, as Kobayashi earned himself a Q3 shot with an impressive late effort and Rosberg knocked his own team-mate Michael Schumacher out of the top ten.

That means, that for the second time in as many races in F1 2011, the most successful driver in the sport’s history will take the start from only eleventh place, followed on this occasion by Toro Rosso duo Sébastien Buemi and Jaime Alguersuari, Force India rookie Paul di Resta – who, with no great prior experience of the Sepang International Circuit, seems to be suffering from being curiously forced to sit out FP1 on Friday morning in favour of FIF1 reserve driver Nico Hülkenberg – Williams veteran Rubens Barrichello, Sauber new boy Sergio Pérez and Sutil.

Up at the front, meanwhile, it was Button, Hamilton, Vettel, Webber, Alonso, Rosberg, Massa, Petrov, Kobayashi and Heidfeld who would progress on to the Q3 shoot-out.

The major drama of Q1 came when the left-hand sidepod of Buemi’s Scuderia Toro Rosso STR6 few off eight minute in, bringing out the red flags and scuppering a number of drivers’ laps, with nine competitors yet to set a representative time – and consequently under pressure to perform when the session re-started shortly after.

As the clock ticked down and the tension mounted, it was the two Williams and Mercedes cars that lingered dangerously to the bubble, as well as – astonishingly – Webber, who languished some way shy of the leading pace on the harder rubber. As Schumacher and Rosberg hauled themselves comfortably to safety in the closing moments, Webber was pushed ever-nearer to the edge, proving unable even to replicate the kind of lap time he had produced during FP3.

Fortunately for the Australian, he just made it through by only just over three tenths of a second in 15th place, with team-mate Vettel similarly further down than anticipated in tenth. Up at the sharp end, Massa surprisingly led the way from Hamilton, Alonso, Schumacher, Kobayashi, Button, Renault pairing Petrov and Heidfeld and Rosberg, whilst Pastor Maldonado became the ‘big name’ to join the predictable fall guys in missing the cut.

The others to fail to make the grade were Heikki Kovalainen and Jarno Trulli – both of whom had threatened a Q2 appearance on a far more competitive weekend for Team Lotus thus far – Virgin duo Timo Glock and Jérôme d’Ambrosio and Hispania Racing’s Vitantonio Liuzzi and Narain Karthikeyan, who will belatedly get their season underway on Sunday after both succeeding in sneaking beneath the 107 per cent barrier.


1. Sebastian Vettel Germany Red Bull-Renault 1m 34.870s
2. Lewis Hamilton Britain McLaren-Mercedes 1m 34.974s
3. Mark Webber Australia Red Bull-Renault 1m 35.179s
4. Jenson Button Britain McLaren-Mercedes 1m 35.200s
5. Fernando Alonso Spain Ferrari-Ferrari 1m 35.802s
6. Nick Heidfeld Germany Renault-Renault 1m 36.124s
7. Felipe Massa Brazil Ferrari-Ferrari 1m 36.251s
8. Vitaly Petrov Russia Renault-Renault 1m 36.324s
9. Nico Rosberg Germany Mercedes-Mercedes 1m 36.809s
10. Kamui Kobayashi Japan Sauber-Ferrari 1m 36.820s

11. Michael Schumacher Germany Mercedes-Mercedes 1m 37.035s
12. Sebastien Buemi Switzerland Toro Rosso-Ferrari 1m 37.160s
13. Jaime Alguersuari Spain Toro Rosso-Ferrari 1m 37.347s
14. Paul di Resta Britain Force India-Mercedes 1m 37.370s
15. Rubens Barrichello Brazil Williams-Cosworth 1m 37.496s
16. Sergio Perez Mexico Sauber-Ferrari 1m 37.528s
17. Adrian Sutil Germany Force India-Mercedes 1m 37.593s

18. Pastor Maldonado Venezuela Williams-Cosworth 1m 38.276s
19. Heikki Kovalainen Finland Lotus-Renault 1m 38.645s
20. Jarno Trulli Italy Lotus-Renault 1m 38.791s
21. Timo Glock Germany Virgin-Cosworth 1m 40.648s
22. Jerome d’Ambrosio Belgium Virgin-Cosworth 1m 41.001s
23. Vitantonio Liuzzi Italy HRT-Cosworth 1m 41.549s
24. Narain Karthikeyan India HRT-Cosworth 1m 42.574s

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Good quali. Once again Vettel pulled something out but good stuff from Mclaren too.

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See how close Lotus are to the pack!!
They will do very well when they get their new blown diffuser

Congrats Sebastian!!

First Comment

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Shouldn’t it be Scuderia Ferrari or something?

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its the engineproducer and the name of the team ;)

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vettel and red bull seem to have an extra bit more on the radical mclaren of hamilton.
webber baffles me,he doesn’t use his KERS AT ALL!in melbourne he barely used it on his laps which allowed alonso to catch up and pip him to 5th spot if i remember correctly.
very pleased for lotus renault.they seem to have a solid team that looks like they’ll be duking it out with the likes of much more established teams like mercedes and ferrari this season.pity,what happened to kubica.he could have really pushed this car up into top 5 places.
what on earth has happened to the once great williams team?is the end of the grid a fitting place for such a storied name?tragic..
heartening to see the sauber’s have a good turn of pace.i honestly believe kamui kobayashi could do a job for any of the big teams.fantastic driver he’s turning out to be.
sticking to the sad decline of once great names,it really is painful to see schumacher toil his way through q2..i believe ross brawn only has him on to use his VAST experience and fabled communication skills to develop their car into a formidable weapon for the future.
Here’s to a cracker of an f1 season ahead hopefully!

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has marlboro ended their relationship with ferrari?i noticed that other than the main sponsor santander the ferrari car is conspicuously missing major sponsors other than the core few such as shell and acer who have always been associated with them?
it does make for a much cleaner look but i miss the barcode design of the marlboro logo.
has anyone noticed the sheer number of sponsors on the lotus renault car?there’s millions of them!and at the other end of the scale HRT has but 1 paltry little sticker on the nose.that team is going to fold soon unless it’s backer is incredibly rich.
which reminds me,there were supposed to be a glut of new teams in f1 this year such as usf1,a hungarian team and a few others.seems like bernie’s made sure none of them come near his prized possession..

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No one can stop Vettel

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superboy you may be correct, but hopefully next year burger king or mcdonalds will step up to the plate and we can have another brand with some real racing history behind it to bring real competition to the redballs.

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I like Hamilton’s comment about Red Bull being “just a drinks company”.

In that case, here’s an early betting tip: Bet on either Schumacher or Rosberg to make a comeback and win the championship, given one of Mercedes GP’s sponsors is Monster Energy. Which of course is a much better drink than Red Bull!

In other news, great to see Lotus nearing the rest of the pack! Especially since their technical director revealed they still have upgrades stashed away in the factory that everyone else on the grid is already running. Assuming it adds to their performance, we could expect to see them tangle with the Torro Rossos and Saubers in Barcelona? I hope so!

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Hamilton looks unhappy his mission was to be number one. although second position is more privileged too.

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Ham is very outspoken about the jolly German, Vettel on the other hand just does his work. Vettel is by far the standard to all drivers in the field.

Great job Seb!

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well Hamilton is yet again the loser he used to be in recent times .. also with his pompous comments, and Renault is taking over F1..Go Vettel!

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Ham is a talented driver, but he is a sore loser with many immature comments throughout his career. His teammate Button on the other hand isnt quite the talent but is a cool fellow, real nice guy.

Seb is quite a nice guy himself, you dont see him sparking fights and bad mouthing anyone. Last season it was Webber who was sore about Seb’s success.

Ham is sore and in my opinion is as unlikable as Alanso is.

Seb is a brilliant driver and a good upright guy too, go Seb!

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Ham is overrated, sure he is good but put him in a car thats no good and see what happens. Ham in a Sauber BMW or STR or Redbull three years ago and he wouldnt be able to anythinng, put Vettel in them and he wins races and gets results. Vettel is a great driver, much better a driver than Hamilton, period.

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How about a new post? Race finished quite a while ago…

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Hamilton a sore looser?
If alonso had run into me and I got punished for it leaving alonso in the same position and me loosing a place, I would be a bit miffed as well!
Especially when the Mclaren tyre dunces had stuffed up my race, yet again.

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lol when seb doesn’t have it all his way he looks like he’s about to cry. maybe hamilton should hire a full time shrink to massage his ego constantly and he can overcome the redballs flexiwings.

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