Indian GP: as it happened

11.02am And that’s it – another absolute motor racing master class from the man who’s smashing F1 records left, right and centre. He’s now led more laps of an F1 season than anyone else, ever. He’s been on pole 13 times and won 11 races this year – including the first ever Indian Grand Prix. What a guy. We’re off to eat biscuits and read the papers – see you in Abu Dhabi in a fortnight’s time.

10.52am Eight laps to go and the gap at the front is back up to 3.5 seconds – looks like Vettel’s cruising home to another victory now. Interesting scrap going on between the two Mercedes, though. Tense few laps coming up for Ross Brawn.

10.44am Three and a half seconds between them now – looks like the McLaren pit boys have been putting the hours in. Make that 2.8 – could we be about to see a bit of DRS action at the front?

10.37am Button not a million miles away from Vettel at the moment – just five seconds between first and second. One slip up from the champ and Button could be in with a shot at the win. Sadly for Jenson, Sebastian Vettel doesn’t make many mistakes.

10.32am Lewis starting to make amends for his earlier drama – he’s up to seventh and will fancy a pop at Schumi in few laps.

10.24am More misery for Massa – front left suspension is knackered and that’s his afternoon over.

10.19am Drive-through penalty for Massa. No Christmas card for Lewis this year. Could be a horse’s head in the post, though.

10.17am Half distance now, with Sebastian Vettel still leading (obviously). Button and Webber looking good for podium finishes, with Alonso just two seconds down the road.

10.13am Rowan Atkinson not the slightest bit amused by that one in the McLaren garage. Some colourful language flying around in Felipe Massa’s helmet, too.

10.10am And they’ve collided! Again! Lewis dives down the inside and Felipe shuts the door, sending both spinning and sparks flying. Both have kept it running but there’ll be more stern words when this race is over. That’s Lewis down to eighth, after pitting to sort out his mangled front wing.

10.07am Hamilton’s getting set to pounce on Felipe Massa – surely he’ll be through in just a couple of corners. And with the race a third gone and Lewis sitting a place lower than he started, it’s about damn time.

10.01am Button’s in the pits from second. Slick stop and he’s back out without losing position.

9.57am So here’s the top ten after fifteen laps: Vettel, Button, Webber, Alonso, Massa, Hamilton, Rosberg, Schumacher, Alguersuari, Buemi. Little drama at the front, but some tense midfield battles going on at the moment. Could well see a couple of surprise names in the points today.

9.53am That’s Maldonado out of the race. No yellow flags so looks like a technical failure for the Venezuelan.

9.49am Can anyone remember the last time Vettel wasn’t leading a Grand Prix? Poor guy must be getting lonely out there.

9.44am Shame to see the Toro Rossos slipping out of points positions so early. Mind you, with plenty of straight line speed in those Ferrari engines, we reckon they’ll be back in the top ten soon enough. And there it is – Alguersuari slips past Senna into tenth.

9.40am DRS has been activated, but already Vettel is two seconds clear at the front. Expect another quiet race from him today. Meanwhile, Webber’s right on the back of Jenson – could be a lap or two before Marko nabs that second place back.

9.36am Yellow flags a-waving, courtesy of Kamui Kobayashi, who clattered with a Virgin at the back of the pack. Looks like both managed to keep it going.

9.33am They’re away! No problem for Vettel, but Mark Webber’s got Jenson Button all over him. He’s through! Another howler from Marko, and not a great start for Lewis – he’s slipped down to sixth.

9.29am And the tyre blankets are off – the formation lap is underway.

9.20am Quick reminder of the starting grid – it’s the two Red Bulls up front, with Fernando Alonso in third. Then it’s Jenson and Lewis, who slipped back to fifth after picking up a grid penalty in Friday practice. Just behind, it’s Massa, Rosberg and Sutil, with the two Toro Rossos looking primed for another strong race in ninth and tenth.

9.16am What. Is. Eddie. Wearing.

9.04am So, another Sebastian Vettel-led procession, or has Formula One got some drama left in the tank for 2011?We’ve sacrificed our Sunday morning snooze, so we’ll be mighty miffed if it’s not the latter. Even so, something tells us the double world champion and pole position man won’t be beaten today. So kettle on, volume up – it’s time for the first ever Indian Grand Prix.

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Benetton were dedicated. Why else would they cheat?

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If Vettel performs this way in 2012, all the other drivers are going to need to make way for younger drivers who can compete on Vettel’s level including Hamilton.
This year was an exceptional year for him, every F1 driver wish they were in his seat, having he success he has achieved. This season is one of those seasons that will go down in history as one of the best drives we have seen.
I don’t think he can repeat it, just a really lucky guy, my opinion.

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Luck is a part of it, but he is very talented.

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luck, are you serious? … so his performance in 08, 09,10 and this year are all just luck? check the records and find the seasons online, download them and watch them over.. the guy is very good, has outperformed everyone since his first full yr in f1, even 08 his drives were amazing for a rookie in a okay car, sure there were stupid mistakes but race after race he gets better.. in 09 he didnt win the championship but he came close and at times brawn had a 2+s advantge on everyone, his drive was amazing once again.. we can all have our own opinions, i hope you are looking at the drivers without bias.. i know its difficult to prefer someone over your own countryman who is over hyped by the media….

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He does have some luck. It wouldn’t be possible for him to win without ANY. You know that right? I hope your indignation was aimed at GOLF R DRIVER not me because his comment was over the top. You don’t have to support the guy winning either, I support Hamilton because I like him, as hard as that may be to believe.

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im talking to golf r, we can support anyone we desire, everyone has an opinion, open forum right?

lewis is currently the most favored driver, the majority of f1 fans think h is the best out there. Id does not surprise me at all the you (safeway) or anyone else is a lewis fan, i was a lewis fan before i started noticing his character and that turned me off in 08/09. he is a great talent … cant wrong you for favoring him, g night i need to sleep..

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One can just hope Mercedes will not be so stupid again to leave another German win many races in a competitors car. They should have hired Schumacher at McLaren Mercedes years ago but they were not willing to pay the price. Big chance of a repeat, unless Haug will be able to convince the ‘Vostand’that Vettel will be the only way to make the Mercedes car a winning one.

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I don’t normally point out typos, but you spelled your name wrong there. Unless you’re an imitator which is against the rules…

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safeway, what r u talking about??

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Mr. S20000 I could not agree more.

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you r right mr.safeway, mistyping, S2000 it is (guess why haha), btw jmeister just read they resigned schumacher for 2013, maybe by 2030 they will sign vettel …

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The aliens are coming f1 fan, we must stay VIGILANT! There are pods everywhere!!!!!

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That’s why imitation isn’t allowed. Ssssssshhhhhhhh… I think they’re coming.

Just to make sure everyone knows, I’m joking.

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@awwww poor lulu fans: shut up, why don’t you go and cry yourself in your own filth!

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