meets Nico Rosberg

A branch of behavioural learning theory encompasses a reflex response; a reaction to stimulus. Consider the curious example of Pavlov’s Dogs. Upon seeing stimuli associated with the serving of their meal, the dogs would drool, irrespective of whether there was any Pedigree Chum in sight.

After spending just three minutes in the company of Nico Rosberg, I am convinced this man has been a student of the ‘conditioned reflex’. The stimulus in question is a 518bhp, V8-powered Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG saloon; the conditioned reaction is getting this near two-tonne weapon as fast and as sideways as possible, instantly.

God, he’s quick.

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Hoping Nico will get a win this year, at least a few podiums. He’s a top racer but would need a few accidents or incidents to get him to the top of the grid, the Mercedes is just not quite up to it.

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