Australian Grand Prix 2012: race discussion

After listening to your comments in the last few days, we’re going to wait until after the BBC highlights show finishes in the UK before posting all results, reactions and comments on today’s race. And there are quite a few…

So see you all then (4pm UK time) – and let us know as usual in the handy space below if there’s anything you want us to discuss.

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Man that Sky coverage was about a million times better than BBCs. No I don’t have Sky but I know how to use the Internet.
Martin Brundle and Damon Hill as competent racing commentators. Simon something as lead, not great but Ok. Ted Kravitz also in the team. Really good and super exiting race commentary from David Croft and Martin Brundle, much better than the beebs last year. In fact never was so psyched by commentary before, thank you David Croft, he’s passionate in the good way.
It looks to me all the boring and incompetent people stayed with the BBC. Left with Coulthard, Eddie Jordan and whatever the others are called.

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