All the post-race discussion from Canada. And what a race…

Aaaand, we were saying… McLaren might have messed up another pit stop and miscalled the strategy but Lewis Hamilton, just six months ago the weakest link in the team, stepped up to the plate. Seven winners in seven races now and who out there wants to bet against Romain Grosjean (second) and Sergio Perez (third) making it eight and nine winners by the end of this season?

That was some race, and some drive from Lewis Hamilton. Nothing was going to stop him winning that one. Lewis now leads the championship, and is driving like a man who intends to win it. He’ll need to beat Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso to do so, but we reckon on today’s form that’s more than possible.

Let’s get one thing straight; Vettel and Alonso didn’t lose this one, Lewis won it. Both Red Bull and Ferrari had their strategies wide open when the leading cars were getting set for their second stop. But Lewis, who pitted first, denied them any choice in the matter; the only way they were going to beat him was to gamble. And, gosh, how that gamble failed, especially for Fernando who’s race fell apart like Kimi Raikkonen’s did in China. There isn’t much effective rubber on the F2012’s tyres right now. Fifth was actually something of a result in the circumstances.

So how did Grosjean and Perez make a one-stop work so effectively? Do younger drivers have necessarily lighter feet? Something to come back to tomorrow. But, amazing to think Ferrari President Luca de Montezemolo dissed Perez this week, claiming he didn’t have the experience to deserve an F1 Ferrari drive. Your second driver, Luca, was tenth. Still, that was better than Jenson Button. When we find him on the results we’ll get back to you. Again, something for tomorrow.

So… Lewis, Grosjean, Perez, Vettel (after Red Bull showed the chops to admit it had called it wrong), Alonso, Rosberg, Webber, Raikkonen, Kobayashi and Massa. And possibly the race of the season so far… there are still 13 left to go.

We’ll be back in the morning, but let us know your thoughts below…

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